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Fourth Physics - The Sloth

The appearance of the Fourth Physics is characterized by sophistication refinement. Usually, these are thin people with icon-painted facial features (thin nose, elegant eyebrows, small lips), although there are exceptions. If the Fourth Physics has beauty, then it is discreet. Over time, the appearance of the Fourth Physics remains much the same.

The movements of the Fourth Physics are characterized by staticity, like the First, but, unlike the First, they do not have complete confidence and a picture flow from pose to pose. The Fourth Physics simply makes the minimum movement that the situation requires.

People with the Fourth Physics are natural ascetics. Physical discomfort is not a cause for them to worry. The Fourth Physics easily tolerates deprivation and illness.

Such people do not attach importance to others' physical discomfort as well as their own. You can not expect physical care from them.

The Fourth Physics sometimes seems parallel to the physical world. She can work without noticing fatigue, be persistent and executive - but at the same time indifferent to the results of her physical labor. You can entrust any dirty and even meaningless work to it - it will do it, like any other.

The Fourth Physics can manage fine with a minimal amount of possessions and amenities, and luxury does not bother her either. She is sincerely indifferent to the physical layer of life and usually provides herself with material conditions that she considers necessary (often relying on higher functions of her psychotype), and this is limited.

Money for the Fourth Physics is an opportunity to exercise higher functions, not an end in itself. What matters is not money as such, but the opportunities that they open.

The sensations that a person with the Fourth Physics is capable of experiencing are characterized by sufficient sophistication. Her body is pretty receptive. Extrasensory abilities are available to her. She is easily given esoteric practices and is an excellent conductor of subtle sensations. But all this has no independent value for her. And if higher functions of the psychotype are not interested in such sensitivity, the person will not develop and use it.

The Fourth Physics is easily trusted by other people with regard to the physical layer of life. Such a person can play sports with company or try new physical sensations that others have advised. Sometimes it seems to the Fourth Physics that she wants to do something or eat - simply because another person does or eats it next to her. She really likes it when she is recommended some dish, activity, or new clothing style. If there is someone who takes on issues related to her wardrobe and food, she will gladly trust their decision.

Since she does not have her own system of physical preferences, she easily accepts someone else's - one that fits into her world and will be in harmony with the higher functions of her psychotype.

In a stressful situation, the Fourth Physics turns off First. A person can get sick or lie motionless. Such people usually have physical overwork quite quickly, especially when overloading the Third Function.

Fourth Physics may be characterized by gloomy and even suicidal moods. The thought of suicide comes to her easily and without any disgust. The desire to commit suicide is a normal reaction for her to the problems and inconvenience of life. This also shows the ability of the Fourth Function to disconnect in crisis situations.

The Fourth Physics is characterized by a feeling of weakening of the physical principle - hence the feeling of early old age, even in young years, which may conflict with its healthy, full-blooded appearance. With age, this contradiction is usually smoothed out. Constant sadness, a state of longing, a sense of the tragedy of being, the proximity of some kind of misfortune - this is the normal state of the Fourth Physics. No matter how successful life is, the Fourth Physics will always find a reason to yearn and feel miserable.

Fourth Physics is sincerely indifferent to suffering and loss of life. Suffering is very close to her in spirit, so when this happens in the world, she takes them for granted.

The Fourth Physics is absolutely fearless. A person tends to easily substitute the fourth function whilst under attack, and with respect to the Fourth Physics, he easily dismisses his body. In the struggle, he is not inclined to spare either himself or others.

The Fourth Physics can easily destroy one who gets in her way (without much cruelty, rather with indifference, as dust is swept away) - however, first, she always tries to make use of her higher functions.

The Fourth Physics is characterized by weakened libido. Sex takes the last place in its hierarchy of values, and sometimes, it does not understand why THIS is needed. They are, however, not prone to adultery/treason. On sexual topics, she can speak easily and freely, without unhealthy interest.

If desired, the Fourth Physics can make a successful political career. She is not seduced by money and sexual desire. And the courage and integrity she intrinsically possesses are beneficial to improve her standing in the public opinion.

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