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Second Physics - The Laborer

The Second Physics usually has a somewhat shortened figure and a round face. It is a root, compact, stable, like a sports car, which is adapted for fast movement. Growth is usually low, there is no particular beauty, but there is no ugliness either. Everything is optimal here.

The body of the Second Physics is thin and slim, and then the waist disappears, the silhouette blurred - and the whole figure becomes short and round. And this form retains the form until the end of days. Such people never particularly suffer from obesity. Women with the Second Physics usually have narrow hips, volumetric buttocks, and full breasts rich in milk.

The Second Physics is especially good at moving. These are very living and mobile people. The movements of the Second Physics are normative: to the best of their ability, fast, strong, impeccably accurate - and very aesthetic and graceful.

The mobility of the Second Physics is also manifested in the fact that it is very active. Rest for the Second Physics is a change of activity. She needs to be limited in activity; otherwise, she will do something all the time.

The Second Physics is the only true workaholic. Labour for her is sacred in itself, regardless of remuneration and scope. Wherever fate throws the Second Physics, it will work tirelessly, with complete dedication. It is the Second Physics that forgets to go on vacation, sits until late at work, considers it a crime to take sick leave, and is ready to work today although there was a heart attack or childbirth yesterday. Put the Second Physics in jail - it will work honestly and selflessly there. For her, this is a natural need; she cannot live differently. And there are pros and cons in this. By giving oneself to work 100%, the Second Physics may lose health.

In production, the Second Physics will be happy to do any work: both monotonous and creative. With the same pleasure, she will train beginners and show everything by performing practical examples. Fitness instructors with the Second Physics always perform exercises with the group, and their exercises are usually distinguished by mobility and energy.

The Second Physics needs interaction with other people. She likes to touch, iron, and even do “unpleasant” physical work to care for the sick. During the conversation, the Second Physics loves to touch the interlocutor, as if establishing physical contact with him.

The physical world is the natural element of the Second Physics. She plays with the physical world: with objects, plants, animals, people. Entering into interaction with them, it seems to create a common process, a common game.

The Second Physics is fearless in everything related to physical interaction. She trusts her body and its flexibility, feels it wide and richly gifted - and it usually does not let her down, acting accurately, flawlessly, and effectively.

The body of the Second Physics is perfectly adapted to the struggle. She is not afraid to get hit or wounded, is not afraid to get involved in the battle even with those who are stronger; in the struggle for her is a special excitement, the spirit of competition.

The Second Physics, like the First, naturally responds with violence to violate its borders, but without cruelty. And he will always try to keep the enemy’s health or at least life.

From the Second Physics, awful thieves and criminals are obtained. The Second Physics is too creative to take from another what she herself would gladly give him. And if the Second Physics enters the path of crime, then the feeling of internal bifurcation does not leave it. The Second Physics is economical without a story. She likes to make money and knows how to save it.

Usually, the Second Physics provides physical comfort for itself and its family, and in its house only as much as is required. They do not seek to throw away old things. Anything finds a worthy use in her. She is able to do something new, unusual, and beautiful even from hoarded items.

The Second Physics seeks to avoid violence against objects. Cooks seek to subject products to minimal processing. Sculptors try to emphasize the natural properties of the material. Wherever the Second Physics is occupied, it seeks to preserve the natural properties of color, smell, and texture.

The Second Physics is adequate for nudity, in which it appreciates naturalness primarily. In general, everything related to physiology causes an adequate response in the Second Physics, with the full adoption of all physiological processes, without dividing into “good” and “bad”.

Despite the complete adoption of physiology, there is a line for it, beyond which disgust begins, and she tries not to cross this line. Therefore, it is very clean, both in relation to its home and in relation to its body.

The Second Physics seeks to have many children. She likes to bear, give birth, and feed them. Children in such women are always well-groomed, fed, rested in the right places, engaged in one hundred circles where they are led by a completely tireless mothers. Such a woman sincerely does not understand why a nanny is needed.

The sexual life of the Second Physics is usually long: from youth to old age, the Second Physics is fit for sex and with pleasure (while without excess) indulges.

People with the Second Physics are wonderful lovers: attentive to the partner, tireless, resourceful, and confident. For them, the whole love process, each stage, every movement is important. In addition, the Second Physics has many erogenous zones.

For people with Second Physics, the best side of their nature is physical care for others and an absolutely adequate attitude to the material world. They are beautiful in motion, very active, energetic, fearless, and tireless.

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