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Third Physics - The Vexed

The Third Physics usually grows up late, and all his life remains thin, thin, and slouch. Although some Third Physicists have an almost perfect body, very proportional and harmonious, this is more of an exception. The face of the Third Physics is usually asymmetric, and some part is especially noticeable: either the nose, teeth, or ears. In addition, they often suffer from acne, as their sensitive skin does not tolerate the aggressive effects of the external environment.

The Third Physics is very mobile, but its plastic lacks confidence and accuracy. The movements of the Third Physics have a lot of fuss, awkwardness, and excessive caution. At the same time, she moves a lot; she is characterized by restlessness and a desire to constantly change poses as if she could not find a place for herself.

The Third Physics, despite its fragility, usually has good health. She takes care of her health all her life, as well as her appearance. She is characterized by moderation in food, mobility, and subtle attention to what is happening inside the body.

The Third Physics is very reverent about its appearance, often believes that it is ugly, and this conviction of its non-attractiveness becomes its main torture. Both women and men often experiment in the field of fashion, can wear defiant outfits, very much monitor their face and body, peering with pain from each wrinkle.

At the same time, the Third Physics is very constrained by its excessive sensitivity and physical weaknesses, which it usually has a lot of. If the Third Physics has to reveal its weaknesses to the world and there is no way to hide them, it tries to increase their weakness in advance so as to arouse sympathy for itself.

The sensory perceptions of Third Physics are very sophisticated. She is able to capture shades of sounds, colors, smells. She may experience real torment from too loud sounds, too pungent smells. Her element is subtle transitions.

The Third Physics is characterized by extrasensory abilities sensitivity to the energy interaction of people. If the Third Physics is experiencing beatings, illness or hunger, its sensitivity becomes aggravated to the limit.

The Third Physics feels any physical interaction of people as if through its own body. If she sees a fight, she feels as if she herself is participating in it. If he observes a love scene, then it worries her as if it were happening to her.

The Third Physics is not even able to imagine but is able to directly from within itself feel someone else's physical pain. She is very sympathetic to people who carry out physical labor, as well as to everyone who has to experience deprivation or suffer from disease. Noticing the discomfort of other people, she tries to assist them with it.

In the kitchen, Third Physics prefers to cook something complicated and sophisticated. At First, she may feel insecure, but if she is taught, and most importantly, encouraged, she creatively processes someone else's experience and necessarily brings something of her own to it.

The Third Physics refers to complex mechanisms with some fear. And if her work is connected with them, she prefers to play the role of a slave for a long time; as soon as there is the slightest problem, she turns to specialists. But over time, her fear disappears, and she begins to act confidently, often bringing the simplest processes to real perfection.

The Third Physics has a special addiction to its own things. She may be uncomfortable in a strange house only because it is unknown to her. Going on a trip even for a couple of days, she can take a huge suitcase with her - to create a sense of home in an unfamiliar place.

From the Third Physics comes a sense of superintendence and infringement of the physical principle. It is very easy to cause her psychological trauma by making an incorrect remark about her appearance or about her abilities as a man/woman, which she will then probably heal for a long time. It is difficult to predict where exactly you can "clash," talking with the Third Physics, each Third Physics has its own "soft-spot."

The Third Physics is very prolific. Children have an absolute value for her. This shows her desire to affirm the fullness of her physical beginning. The more children - the less reason to suffer from their infringement.

The Third Physics seeks to overly patronize its children. Since she herself is not too adapted to the hardships of the physical world, she seeks to protect other, weaker creatures from them. They are inherently bashful and are ashamed of nudity (of others and one's own), too frank sexuality, even her passion for food.

The Third Physics tends to deny the value of physiology and physical pleasures in general. Of course, they are insanely important for her, but she cannot admit it; she cannot recognize the physical world's power over her and what great pleasure it gives her.

Intimate life is an area where the split of the Third Physics is especially pronounced. She usually starts it quite late and with great care. And in it, there is both hypersexuality and hypocrisy. The Third Physics tends to deny the value of erotica and resists its bodily desires. On the other hand, she passionately dreams of surrendering to them, and if she surrenders, then she does so completely.

With regard to erotica, the Third Physics is characterized by a sense of fear. She is afraid of creatures of the opposite sex and is looking for the most non-traumatic ways to realize her sexuality. Failures for her are extremely painful. And often, she prefers to refuse herself - as if protecting herself from a possible injury in advance. Due to fear of intimacy and refusal, the Third Physics may resort to onanism and various sexual perversions, e.g., fetishism or other comfortable ways to realize yourself without fear of getting injured.

But one of the most comfortable ways for the Third Physics to obtain sexual comfort is marriage. The Third Physics seeks to defect its wound with marriage. Marriage legitimizes, makes it obligatory for her to do what she wants and is afraid of, and she is pleased to obey the need as if relieving herself of responsibility for her own desires.

Men with the Third Physics have a greedy interest in the psychology of prostitutes and in women of open, laid-back, demonstrative sexuality.

Due to natural timidity and shyness, Third Physics tends not to lead but rather be led by sexual partners. At the same time, they tend to put the partner's pleasure above their own.

In the Third Physics sex, it can endlessly touch and kiss, without any purpose, just enjoying the process. In addition, the body of the Third Physics is a continuous erogenous zone.

The Third Physics is the only one that truly experiences physiological jealousy. The sexual act for her is a kind of sacred action, and she perceives the invasion of strangers in this shrine as a nightmare.

If a partner cheats on the Third Physics - for her, it is a confirmation of the defectiveness of her physical principle, which she herself considers defective, and excessive confirmation is a huge pain and a great insult to her. To a partner who cheated on her, she can experience such a strong disgust that she can no longer sleep with him.

On the other side of fear and uncertainty is the desire of the Third Physics to like everyone. Defiant behavior is inherent in both women and men. The Third Physics, like any Third Function, doubts itself. And in order to test her attractiveness, she begins the game of seduction again and again, which has no other purpose than self-affirmation. It is very difficult for the Third Physics to abandon such behavior since otherwise, it will not receive the confirmation that it seeks. If you ignore the sexual signals of the Third Physics, you can seriously hook it with such a game.

Men, in addition, try to assert themselves according to their physical abilities. A physically perfect man has an excellent body; he is hardy and fearless. Very often, Third-physical men are engaged in mountaineering, yoga, and extreme sports to prove that they have bodily "superpowers.".

The Third Physics is characterized by a constant test of its strength. She likes to overcome inconveniences, and she can do something in uncomfortable poses for long periods of time. She is very proud of her victories in physical trials and wants to be admired. It is important for her to impress other Physicists. With her behavior, she seems to say: "I am perfect; I can cope with physical inconvenience, illness, and testing.".

But here, you can not do without manipulation. The Third Physics is to wear heavy things move objects, specifically demonstrating to everyone how hard it is - and at the same time refusing help. Also, the Third Physics can pay for someone - but may make it so that the person is ashamed that he took money from her.

The attitude of the Third Physics to money is dual. On the one hand, she is stingy financially, but she also believes that having a lot of money is bad. On the other hand, she loves to buy expensive gifts, buy chic things, and participate in charity. She may verbally deny the importance of money but at the same time painfully strives to provide herself with money.

The Third Physics is able to live at someone else's expense, but at the same time, it will certainly experience the torment of shame and a sense of its own lack of self-sufficiency.

The Third Physicist is close in spirit to the communist ideology - an equalizing distribution system, where everyone will definitely get a small but guaranteed piece of bread. The Third Physics is ready to come to terms with the minimum, if only it would be guaranteed.

The Third Physics is a born adversary of violence - she is constrained not only by sensitivity to someone else's pain but also by fear and cowardice. The Third Physics is an unimportant fighter. She is afraid to expose her body to blows. Sometimes men with the Third Physics are reproached for avoiding conflicts that threaten to fight. In fact, such a man cannot protect his woman. The Third Physics is afraid of fights just like the Third Emotion is afraid of hysteria, and the Third Logic is afraid of a heated debate.

If the Third Physics has to use physical violence (or if it allows itself to), it can be unnecessarily brutal and cross borders. Within her, both cowardice and cruelty exist side by side.

The Third Physics tends to be very law-abiding in the sense that fear of violence turns her away from the criminal path. The only crime that the Third Physics is capable of is a crime of jealousy. In a state of jealousy, she is ready to commit even murder. Fortunately, it rarely comes to this since her cruelty fights with pity and cowardice until the very last moment.

The Third Physics is unlikely to go through with suicide - it's enough for her to imagine how the tissues die off, how the heart stops beating, and how the body becomes covered with cadaveric spots for her not to proceed.

The world of the Third Physics is a complex and controversial world that is dominated by an intense fear of bodily harm. The denial of intimacy makes you hide your true desires for liberalization, exposing the internal hypocrisy, indulging in self-affirmation, and freely enjoying games of seduction. Here they boast of their appearance and physical strength whilst they are embarrassed by their weaknesses. Here, the worst crime is adultery, and the greatest joy is the endless process of subtle pleasure from physical contact.

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