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First Will - The Tsar

People with First Will have very clear ideas about their Self, about their personality, and their desires. In addition, they are confident that they have the right to change the world according to their wishes.

The First Will feels from birth that she has the right to more than others. Her picture of the world implies the presence of a top and a bottom, and she identifies herself with the "elected" located at the top. This sense of favor is reflected in everything that the First Will does. In life, we characterize these people as individuals of high integrity who have a strong influence on others.

The First Will is a born leader, and the leader is monologues. Not a democrat, but a monarch. The internal concept of the First Will: "Only I am a leader, only I decide. I decided - and everyone should obey." For such people, it is natural that others must obey them. And often, people surrender entirely to the power of the First Will, not realizing why.

The First reaction of the First Will in any situation is to decide for everyone. She always has her own idea of what everyone should do. The First Will believes that if a person does not respond to her harshly, does not protect an opposing view - then he agrees with her decision.

Demanding submission from others, the First Will itself does not like to obey anyone. She too feels her favor and uniqueness to allow anyone to command her. In addition, if the First Will allows another's power over itself, it will mean for her the loss of her "I," which is fraught with the destruction of the reference First function.

The First Will is fully the master of his destiny. Such people have no contradiction between word and deed, between desire and its implementation.

Some tragedy in the chosenness of the First Will is that the First-Willed person begins to distort his identity in accordance with ideas on how to behave as the chosen one. The First Will begins to dictate the lower functions of her psychotype, and they only form expressions that the "king" considers worthy. Thus, the life of the First-Willed individual turns into a constant self-torture, where control over everything prevails — no weaknesses, affection, temptations. No relaxation. Everything that tries to knock her out of this track is ruthlessly destroyed.

First of all, the First Will person seeks both in himself and in others to crush what relates to his Third Function in order to turn off, to take life his most restless part, and pressing it in himself does not refrain from crushing others. But what relates to other functions of people, the First Will usually does not encroach.

What the First Will eagerly desires is power. She is interested in the First Will not as a means of realizing any goals but in itself. The First Will seeks to take control everywhere. For her, it is as natural as breathing. If the First-Willed people lose power, they will try to restore it by any means - simply "to be." A perverse loss of power can break such a person and even take life. The First Will can condemn the power existing in the wrong hands and actively fight it.

People with the First Will create their own organization (party, company, family) without assuming the continued existence of this organization without them. Only personal power has interest for them.

The First Will refers calmly to fame - as a natural recognition of its greatness. She carefully monitors that her opinion is filled with respect and admiration and works hard on this opinion. But it does not require any special external attributes. She needs not applause but real power.

The relationship of the First-Willed people with God is complicated. Since God is one who has power over all people, the First Will cannot accept this power, cannot obey it. But, on the other hand, the fact that God alone rules the whole world is very close to the picture of the world of the First Will.

First Will has excessive self-confidence. She often thinks that she will be able to do whatever she wants in this world. And it often fails her. Although her ability to overpower helps her gather will as it is necessary and win the battle with fate, but by winning the battle, she often loses the campaign. When life breaks her wings, she can suffer very much. But she quickly recovers and rushes to new victories.

For the First Will, the world is divided in half. There is her world and its goals - and there is a surrounding world, which also, in turn, is divided in half: what is important, useful and able to remain part of the world of First Will, and what is not important for her world, what is pointless to spend time and resources on.

First Will is characterized by a sense of her clan, her family. She wants to take care of herself and "her world," t.e. about the people who are in his system. She is ready to do a lot for these people, but not taking into account their real needs and not even interested in them.

First Will individuals cannot live "just like that." They definitely need to set goals and achieve them. The ability to be focused on one's goal and overcome obstacles is always supported by their strong energy.

The goals set by the First Will person may relate to both work and personal life. But personal life for the First Will is usually part of a common life project, one of the components that should be on the general list of its achievements. Public interests are too important for the First Will. Even sex is not so much a physical pleasure for her as an instrument of influence.

The First Will is very jealous. She longs for the possession of the whole being of a person who fell under her influence and seriously experiences the loss of his devotion. However, the unreality of the very idea of possessing the body and soul of others dooms the First Will to chronic jealousy.

First Will people are careerists. They hold superior positions with amazing simplicity and naturalness. When career opportunities in any one direction are exhausted, the First Will begins to succeed in another area. Because of this, very sharp turns are possible in her fate.

In the team, First Will always very clearly distinguishes its interest. She will be a good subordinate if she decides so. Even as a subordinate, she feels more important than any boss. If the boss presses her, then she would rather quit than give up her desires.

The First Will is fearless about possible competition from other capable people. She equally perceives the great and small of this world because she subconsciously considers them all below herself.

For the sake of achieving the goal, the First Will can be compromised by the principles of morality. Although she respects the norms prevailing in society and does not like to violate them, she still believes that there are situations where such a violation justifies itself.

By and large, the First Will does not care under what slogan to lead people behind them. She does not believe in them. Obstacles also have little significance for her. If you need to go knee-deep in the mud to achieve the goal - the First Will will be the first to climb in.

The First Will often looks with a squint, as if focusing her eyes and enhancing her firmness. It is characterized by a gaze, a firm look in which there is pressure and rigor. First Will people like it when others lower their eyes under her gaze.

In the plastic of the First Will, there is a royal grandeur, calm grace, and absolute naturalness.

First Will clothing usually bears signs of "kingdom": it is characterized by strict styles and colors. Everything vulgar and pretentious is alien to her. At the same time, the First Will likes to have some element of exclusivity in her clothes - some detail that is characteristic of her alone. In the speech of the First Will, there are many verbs of imperative inclination.

In general, people with the First Will are adults, purposeful, serious. They set goals for themselves - and achieve them, often neglecting the norms of morality and the interests of others. These people have strong energy and are aimed at winning. Public interests for them prevail over personal ones. They treat themselves with the same expectations as they treat everyone in their surroundings.

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