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Fourth Will - The Serf

People with the Fourth Will have vague ideas about their desires, and it is difficult for them to separate their own desires from strangers. Moreover, they are quite careless about their place in this world, without giving importance to either the estate borders or the power of the powers that be.

The picture of the World of the Fourth Will suggests the presence of a top and a bottom, and the Fourth Will automatically puts itself at the bottom. She is internally close to the dependent role of a subordinate, a child.

The Fourth Will is characterized by sincerity and simplicity; it is entirely a "child" who is not trying to disguise himself as an adult. It is such a child that the Four-Willed person feels, even when he becomes an adult on the passport.

The Fourth Will does not oppose itself to other people, and people usually do not want to conflict with it. The Fourth Will can enjoy tremendous authority among colleagues and family members because of its goodwill and openness.

Fourth Will has a peculiar relationship with leadership. She does not need to assert herself and influence this world. She is suspended from the struggle for formal leadership. Therefore, she does not like games or real situations where it is important to show leadership qualities.

Although the Fourth Will is sincerely apathetic in managing people, it can force itself to do this, but it will remain internally incomprehensible to the self. It is especially difficult for the Fourth Will to lead subordinates with a higher Will. Four-Willed people become leaders mainly because a higher boss takes them as loyal associates.

The Four-Willed people are always very devoted to a loved one. And if they are already loyal to someone, they cannot be knocked down from the chosen line of behavior. The Fourth Will does not know how to serve two masters.

At the same time, the Fourth Will must constantly be in the field of vision of its "host." It easily adjusts to a person, building interaction on his energy and fully accepting the system of his views. But as soon as the person "imposed" this system disappears, the Fourth Will is freed from all of its values. And when another "host" appears in her life, she can also sincerely accept his system.

The Fourth Will easily copies the behavior strategies of any other Will. With the First, she can behave like the First, with the Second as the Second, and even the strategies of the Third Will, she easily absorbs and adopts. If the Fourth Will communicates with a higher Will for a long time and chooses this person as its "master," it can begin to feel the same way as this person from the inside. If you leave her alone, she will again become herself.

The Fourth Will has not only a will but also the need for someone to trust and obey. It gives her pleasure. If left without support, she begins to live like a restless soul. If there was a separation and the person whom the Fourth Will "served" left her, she usually continues to live in his value system for some time and go the same way, then ceases to "serve" this ideal and begins to search for another.

The Fourth Will tends to enter another's value system even during a normal conversation. She prefers to understand something other than to impose her opinion. Four-Willed people allow others to open up in their presence. They want to like the interlocutor. Therefore, from the side, the Four-Willed people seem very polite and abundantly pleasing.

People with the Fourth Will are far from always soft and kind, unable to offend even a fly. It all depends on which value system they have adopted for themselves or "what master they serve".

The Fourth Will can "carry the wind" in the white light. In the absence of her own rod, she can adjoin various currents, groups, people, then move away from them and adjoin others. There is no certainty that tomorrow the Four-Willed person will be the same as yesterday. The value system of the Fourth Will can change by 180°. One should not be surprised at these changes: they are completely common for the Fourth Will.

The Fourth Will does not have freedom in decision-making. In this, she is very dependent on others, and even if she "firmly decides" to act in her own way, there is a very high probability that she will change this decision for the sake of an important person for her. She simply does not hold on to her decisions.

The Fourth Will does not like to change the prevailing order, and it is easier for her to adapt to it. If it is unacceptable to her, then she, without condemning or fighting, will calmly go to another place. And if the desire to act in its own way remains, then there will be a convenient case when you don't have to fight and calmly do what you want.

The Fourth Will does not like to take responsibility in situations where she is not sure that she can do it. If she is assigned a role, she will do everything she can, trying to follow the obligation taken as accurately as possible. If the Fourth Will fails to cope with the assigned role, she calmly recognizes this.

Since the Four-Willed person cannot influence by volitional qualities, she does this with the help of other functions. Under the Fourth Will, all the functions above receive certain freedom and can be expressed as they want, not restrained by anything. Therefore, with all his tendency to obey, the Four-Willed person is a great individualist. They do what they want. It just so coincided that often they want to do what others want of them. But this does not always coincide.

The Four-Willed people lack a sense of personal self-preservation. Nothing can strike at their identity, so they can afford to tell absolutely everything about themselves and open their souls wide open. And also let others judge them. One of the most characteristic signs of the Fourth Will is unlimited confessionalism: these people are able to reveal their souls to the most hidden corners.

The Fourth Will is the most stable. Whatever wounds and scars leave life on her fate, they cannot break the Four-Willed: she seems to pass them by and calmly begins life anew, with her former childhood and gullible smile on her lips.

The Fourth Will easily forgets resentment and forgives others easily, even if she is hurt very much. She has the property of not remembering the bad. Trying to adjust to other Wills, the Fourth may try to get rid of this property, may try to be a "great" and even vengeful, but this is not characteristic of her; she still forgets the bad and forgives everyone for everything. It is enough to slightly "reduce" her pride - and you will see a soft, responsive heart, ready to trust you for the hundredth time.

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