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Second Will - The Nobleman

The owners of the Second Will have adequate ideas about their Self and quite clearly feel their desires and boundaries.

The Second Will is characterized by an over-caste (beyond class) perception, i.e. all the elements of being for her are built not according to the hierarchical vertical, but horizontally: everyone is equal in this world, and she herself treats everyone equally, not humiliating anyone and not sharing attention. For her, there is no right and guilt, bad and good, all valuable, all are needed. She is always ready for a constructive dialogue: as an adult with an adult.

The Second Will prefers to build relations with all on equal terms, as in a friendly circle. At the same time, she does not impose her ideas on others and will stay at a distance that is comfortable for another person.

The Second Will usually has many friends because it does not push people away from itself but, on the contrary, attracts them, involving them in various joint events.

The Second Will plays into relationships, and she is ready to come up with new forms of interaction. She likes to give instructions to others, and she is confident in her ability to resolve any conflict and build everything as needed.

The Second Will can easily both lead and obey; both of them are given without tension. But still, the ideal position for her is that there was no need to either rule or obey.

The Second Will is trying to find consensus with people. Leaving the position of a leader, she gives everyone the right to make a common decision. Her credo: "I lead - but we will decide together.".

The Second Will has sufficient strength and flexibility both to advance and to yield. She can "impose" her value system to others fairly consistently and adequately and also adequately reacts when someone else imposes a system on her.

Second Will people live without masks and they express themselves openly and naturally, completely adequately to the situation.

The Second Will allows you to laugh at her and is ready to publicly acknowledge her mistakes if they were made. There is no sacrifice for her. In the same way, the Second Will recognizes the right to error for every person.

Second Will individuals tend to notice the good in the world and focus on it. If the Second Will is the one conducting the humor, then this humor is not malicious (unlike the satire of the Third Will). People just ridicule different aspects of life.

It is difficult to give the Second Will an acting field, and it knows how to play mainly only itself since, in its nature, there is no talent for pretense and reincarnation.

Second Will people are indifferent to the opinion of others about themselves. And they trust only their own court.

The Second Will does not tend to pull the blanket over itself; it seeks to work not on itself but on its own business. "Business" can mean both work and family. For Second Will, "business" means a joint project that it will defend. In this sense, it has a keen sense of duty and fidelity.

With internal freedom and independence, the Second Will does not seek to join any social movements groups, and it does not need to merge with the crowd or lead it along. Therefore, even if the Second Will becomes a member of an organization, it retains internal freedom.

Second Will people are the natural guardians of morality and law. Since everyone is equal for them, then the law, in their opinion, should be the same for everyone: a high politician and any "small person" should be judged equally. The social role of the Second Will is to be the pillar of the ambitious passions of society. She calmly and firmly stands her ground, ready to provide support when she is needed.

The Second Will is indifferent to fame. And the hype, inevitable with fame, causes hostility in her. Therefore, even with natural talents, Second-willed people often remain aloof from fame.

The most important thing that the Second Will dreams of is complete self-realization. In what area will it be, whether it glorifies her or not, it is not so important for her.

A person brings to other people what she is filled with. The Second Will brings with it calm, benevolence, generosity and generously broadcasts it to people who are nearby.

The Second Will gives a person spiritual generosity, inexhaustibility, the ability to give himself to others without losing anything. That is why the Second Will is able to truly love, with self-release without the risk of impoverishment, with genuine care for another person. Love is the natural need of the Second Will.

On the other hand, Second-willed people can impress the soft and malleable. But those who try to "sell" them will inevitably meet with the fact that the Second Will holds its borders very well and gently but persistently reflects all attempts to subjugate it.

The Second Will strengthens all other functions. Therefore, second-willed people are the most stable of all the psychotypes. However, they can also be unnecessarily stable in life, not wanting to strain too much.

Second-willed people do not have the "application" of the Third Function. And thanks to congenital fearlessness, the Second Will can make this ulcer completely easier than others. She is not afraid of mistakes and blows, so she calmly accepts them and continues to pull up her Third Function.

Sometimes it is common for Second-willed people to consider themselves too good and exemplary, including not only the Second Will, but also other, by no means exemplary functions. Nevertheless, one can not worry about the fact that such people will begin to be recognized: with their state of mind, this is completely foreign to them.

The Second Will has a calm look, which reflects goodwill, independence, and some distraction. They prefer to wear proper clothes, which at the same time would distinguish them from others, so as not to bother the eyes, but also not to merge with the crowd. Sometimes she prefers a more freestyle - "unbuttoned."

We can say that people with the Second Will are lucky since the core of the personality - the Will - occupies the most favorable position in the structure of their psychotype. The strength and flexibility of the Second Will give strength and flexibility to the whole personality as a whole. The fearlessness of the Second Function makes such people fearless before life.

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