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Third Will - The Bourgeoisie

People with the Third Will do not have a clear idea of their desires and their place in the world, and they constantly doubt what they are entitled to. The world seems frighteningly strong, pressing to them, and they constantly face this pressure, experiencing real pain.

Since Will is the core of the personality, and the Third Function is bifurcated and vulnerable, then people with the Third Will are people who have the very core of their personality bifurcated and wounded. Such a person becomes all as a Third Function. The stagger is characteristic of the Will and other functions of the Third-Willed people: the same thing that is with the Will is happening with their Logic, Physics, Emotion. And the blows that life strikes at any function of the psychotype are perceived by them as a global nightmare. A person becomes totally vulnerable and is in eternal discord with himself. From here, the rest of the behavior of the Third-Willed people flows.

Foreign estimates not only hurt a person with the Third Will but literally shake to the very foundations. Therefore, he gets used to hiding his shortcomings, putting on masks, adjusting to others, trying to seem better than he is.

The envy inherent in the Third Function in this case becomes global: a person is jealous not only of the high Will of others, but also of any other function - in general to other people who are in some ways better than her, or have succeeded more than she did. Therefore, if someone specifically catches the eyes of the Third-Willed, and emphasizes their superiority to her, this can cause great hostility in the Third-Will.

When the Third-Willed person is praised for ANY function, even for the Second, she is infinitely pleased.

When striking the Third Function, people tend to rely on the First, and in Third-Willed people, blows occur almost constantly; moreover, these blows concern their entire personality. Therefore it turns out that they strive to completely hang themselves on the First Function, and as a result, the expression of their First Function does not just become redundant; it can even be extremely excessive. There are many so-called lunatics among the Third-Willed people.

The split of the Third Will is that, on the one hand, it is convinced of its insignificance, and on the other, of its greatness. True, "convinced" is an inaccurate word. She would like to be convinced. And she is constantly trying to prove her worth to others and herself. Dostoevsky's books are a classic of the description of the Third Will. The torment of Raskolnikova is "Am I a trembling creative or have I the right?»- well reflects the properties of the Third-Willed people.

Third Will finds it difficult to get along with people as she is constantly dissatisfied with what she has. The world seems to her evil, unjust, cruel. It often seems to her that people do not love and do not respect her. There is some truth in this: Third-Willed people really are not so easy to love: they are suspicious, touchy, moody, and often do not respect themselves or others.

Usually, Third-Willed people have very few real friends. And in childhood - big problems with peers, classmates, parents. Often someone abandons them, and they can carry these insults with them all their lives.

Even if others do not hurt or offend the Third Will, it can come up with insults. It is characteristic of her to take into her own account even that which does not apply to her. Someone accidentally drops the phrase that he does not like something in other people - the Third Will will certainly take it personally. And someday take revenge. Surrounders can be struck by the change that happened to a person who always seemed so meek and flexible, so loving and kind. They can be struck by her vindictivity when she suddenly begins to express all her claims and subtle observations, which she once made and kept in her memory specifically in order to once throw in his face. Even if you do not avenge anything, the Third Will can take revenge on society or people simply for a sense of inferiority.

Third-Willed people do not like violence against themselves, but they cannot go to open opposition and, apparently obeying, insults are seething inside themselves - and one day a day may come when the offender will overtake their revenge.

Alcohol greatly changes the Third Will: a sweet and courteous person can turn into a vile boor.

The Third Will spends a lot of energy to protect herself from real and imaginary wounds that others or life can do to her - she is too busy calculating other people's reactions and analyzing her own, and therefore, she has too little energy left to be interested in anything except herself, to see the world without distortion, or to lead and do business.

Third-Willed people are rarely true to anything or anyone. They can portray fidelity or assure others of it, but if circumstances change, they will change their previous ideals and adapt to new ones. From the outside, this may seem like a betrayal. But for Third Will, this is a natural course of life, which she sensitively follows.

Third-Willed people will easily "serve two masters." For them, there is nothing immoral in this. Lords can be both people and beliefs, and even countries.

The universal means of self-defense of the Third Will is a lie. Otherwise, it would be too difficult for her to survive since she is overly sensitive to public opinion. She just needs to come up with some kind of shell in which she could feel protected. And lying becomes such a shell. Third-Willed people lie when necessary and when not necessary. Lies have become their habit since childhood, that they usually hone to perfection by adulthood. We can say that lying is a vice inherent in the Third Will.

The Third Will is categorically not able to admit its guilt. She can recognize as much as she wants that she is to blame, but she is simply not able to admit it to others. For her, it's like recognizing your insignificance. It's just as difficult for her to apologize. But the troubles that she voluntarily or involuntarily causes to others, she can compensate for with gifts or money.

The picture of the Third Will world is very complex, hierarchical, caste, and what place a person occupies in this hierarchy. According to the Third Will, it is affected by countless factors, from appearance to religious affiliation. The Third Will is sensitive to class barriers, which helps her avoid troubles where other Wills stumble over them. The hierarchical picture of the world of the Third Will extends not only to public life but rather all spheres of life. If it is a writer or philosopher, the intricate hierarchy is visible in his books and philosophical works. Even in the Third Will family, he organizes a complex system of subordination.

The Third Will loves power almost as passionately as the First but does not have sufficient strong-willed qualities to take and hold this power. She is too weak to rule but too strong to let others control her. Therefore, Third-Willed people often rub in confidence in the servants of power, seeking to make profitable acquaintances, which are generously boasted later to their comrades.

The behavior of Third-Willed people often looks like a "mysterious" individual. Often they have a fatal look, which is a mask. There is an attempt to look from their "gray" perspective at the outside world in order to understand his expectations and respond in the most profitable or safe way. The Third Will follows from under his mask the reaction of others - in order to get to know their desires as best as possible and adjust to the image that they expect to see.

The Third Will is a born actor - not only in the theater but in life. The Third Will is very well accustomed to the role. If the role does not fit, it changes it. Such a person can sort out various roles and change them right in the course of a conversation.

The Third Will, in addition to the acting gift, has the gift of a psychologist. She is very curious about people and constantly monitors them, collects facts that, if possible, can be used against them, or even just gossip. Third Will observations are often very well-aimed and accurate, but almost all of them relate to the shortcomings of people, which she can then ridicule.

Third-Willed people have a keen sense of everything funny and ugly. These are poisonous people. Since they themselves are vulnerable and the core of their life - Will - hesitates, then they seek in others a sick, vulnerable, evil. They have a desire to mock others. At the same time, the Third Will itself does not terribly like ridicule of itself.

Having become accustomed to constantly playing the public, constantly wearing a mask, the Third Will nevertheless longs for confession. And she finds ways to confess: either in the church, or in her diaries, or with people who can currently be entrusted with her secrets. Often she specifically finds such people and communicates with them only when she needs frankness.

Even with external status, the Third Will does not act decisively. It subtly draws others into interaction, often shifting responsibility for common actions to others. The goal of the Third Will is to activate others, to light them up with some idea. Her communicative abilities are better developed than any other Will. She very well enters into communication with everyone, can say one thing to another, and in the end, she spins the intrigue, thanks to which she gets influence. You can call it manipulation, but the charge of manipulation comes from the fact that other Wills do not understand this way of behavior since it is not characteristic of them.

Third Will has big liability problems. She can promise anything but do nothing - there is a lack of duty. Because of this, others often have the effect of deceived expectations. The Third-Willed People themselves say: "It's just that we understand responsibility differently. The world is so complicated that you can't guarantee for sure.".

Inside the Third-Willed individual, there is always a certain search for the Self. Such a person is not confident in herself and does not understand very well who she is. Depending on the situation, mood or interlocutor, she may have different ideas about herself.

Finding oneself is the basis of the motivation of the Third-Willed. A person with the Third Will is ready to take risks, try new roles, and experience what he had not experienced before. For example, she can go to a fundamentally new job, go to another country, go to a position that she had never worked before - in order to live this experience and experience herself. They like to discover new facets. Therefore, she has the motivation to grow all the time and move forward.

Just like testing yourself, the Third Will loves to test others. First of all, by Will (that is, checking where the other person will bend and where not), but also by any other function. Even the Second Function of the Third-Willed can be used by her in order to test others on it.

The Third Will fits best in the crowd. There, among those like her, she is quite comfortable. In the crowd, she may never be held accountable, not show individuality, here she is free from the need to make independent choices. Very often, Third-Willed people join a group or social trend and make up its very core.

The Third Will is a hostage to fashion and fashion currents. She loves what is popular, what everyone wears.

Third-Willed people are often very talented. Creativity is their true element. But it is somewhat pop-like. The Third Will is too focused on the opinion of the crowd, too keen to adjust to it. As a result, the creative expression of the Third Will tends to lack independence.

A Third-Willed person seems to bring tension, electrification, and nervousness into any space. Some Third-Willed people have a sense of global fear and uncertainty. In their eyes, words, in all their behavior, it seems to hide something sick, weak, evil.

A slipping, running look is the brightest external sign of the Third Will. Even if a person controls his gaze, communicating face to face, you can notice how this look slides unfriendly around the faces of others when a person thinks that no one sees him.

People with Third Will tend to wear sunglasses, even when they are not needed.

Another true sign of the Third Will is an acidic, evil expression of the face, which often spoils their attractive appearance.

The Third Will Dictionary contains a lot of reduced vocabulary. She likes to name other people by name or give them some caustic nickname. The Third Will loves a strong motherly word and generally has an excellent ability to scold, call, humiliate.

Most people living on Earth have the Third Will. Third-will is a socially desirable characteristic: people with Third Will, as a rule, choose for themselves such roles as are most approved by society. Advertising, films, pop music, and much more that society can give are focused mainly on the Third Will.

If the Third-Willed person is engaged in self-development and strengthens her Third Function, the manifestations of her Third Will become more smooth. Of course, the Will remains equally sensitive and subtle on the perception of others, but anger, revenge, lies, and other properties of the Third Will cease in this case to have power over her.

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