Fifth Sexta

Fifth Sexta
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Fifth Sexta





Fifth Psychosophic Sexta

The fifth psychosophic sexta is characterized by process-oriented Emotions and Logic, as well as result-oriented Physics and Will. It includes types like Epikur (FLEV), Borgia (FELV), Akhmatova (VELF) and Socrates (VLEF). This sexta can be safely called the most talkative of all, because their process functions appear primarily in speech.

Art, creativity, and relationships are an integral part of their life. They are drawn to anything related to those areas that really captivates them. Logical discussions can smoothly translate into emotional outpourings and vice versa. The greatest strength of these types is undoubtedly their oratory abilities. They also have a subtle sense of humor and enjoy playing around with irony.

Representatives of this sexta usually look calm, liberated, confident people, gambling and enthusiastic. They strive to develop and achieve success in what they are interested in, while focusing more on the outside world than on the inner. All these types have bright qualities that attract attention to them. It is easy for them to gather a circle of admirers with whom they can share their ideas.

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