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FELV - Borgia

Representatives of the FELV type - the biggest lovers of pleasure and bodily pleasure. They appreciate fun, entertainment, and holidays. Company does not strain them. They easily attract attention and feel great at the same time. Often considered flirty, playful, and charming, they are attractive and always surrounded by fans. Relations are taken to heart, they experience violent worry about quarrels and partings, but quickly console themselves. Long-term longing and sadness are not characteristic of them.

Borgia consider themselves experts in style issues, but they are often unhappy with their appearance if there is not enough willpower or means to look good. However, this does not affect their self-confidence. They are very lazy and can live on someone else’s means without hesitation (for example, mature children are in no hurry to move away from their parents). Moreover, their personal freedom cannot be limited. FELV will still lead a lifestyle as he wants, and everyone around him will have to reckon with it.

Usually Borgia is not perceived as a person whose main trump card is intelligence. Because of this, others can be very surprised at the insight of the FELV, its conscious view of the world and how well Borgia understands issues of being. Especially well, FELV manages to understand people and their motivation.

These people have a craving for creative self-realisation, often they engage in some kind of art - dancing, music, literature, and sometimes they are fond of sports. Their ambitions are mostly related to this area. Borgia love money and strive to not deny themselves anything - this is the factor that makes them overcome their own laziness and reach career heights.

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