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FLEV - Epikur

Epikur finds hedonism so natural for himself that he does not notice it, and is not inclined to think about the material side of life. Because of this, FLEV often confuse themselves with 4F. However, from 4F they are distinguished by a desire for physical pleasures and comfort, especially in critical situations: when 4F forgets about food, sleep and comfort, then 1F, on the contrary, is inclined to return to its basis - the first function, and with the help of bodily pleasures, return the ability to think sensibly and the will to do something.

FLEV, as well as for all successful physicists, is characterized by some laziness, unwillingness to perform unnecessary actions. Epikur takes from the material world only what he needs, and in the amount which he considers necessary. Thanks to this, he releases energy into his process functions.

Logical reasoning is one of the favourite pleasures of this type. This is an area in which he feels free and confident, and seeks to encourage the activity of others, provoking them to discussions, to express his opinion. With all this, Epikur is not prone to fierce disputes. He lowers stubborn interlocutors to the earth with the help of mild irony, and he allows others to open themselves and their uncertainty to the reasoning, kindly and patiently explaining incomprehensible logical chains in a simple and accessible language.

If this type uses offensive irony beyond measure - most likely, in this way he wants to protect his hurt Third function. 3E makes him unsure of the manifestation of his emotional reactions and suspicious of the reactions of others to him. Epikur often sees a reason for resentment where a person did not seek to hurt him. Questions “Do I need to?”,“ How they perceive me?”,“ Am I not imposing?” torment the owner of 3E constantly. He may be shy about his smile, expression, voice, unnatural laughter. It is extremely important for him to receive the support of others on this aspect in the form of unconditional acceptance, and a friendly atmosphere. To people who can liberate him emotionally, Epikur reaches out like the rays of the sun, and is very attached to them. He also, as a rule, treats animals and plants with love, understands their needs. They help him regain his lost peace of mind.

The fourth Will of Epicura makes it democratic, pleasant in interaction with people, a person who takes into account the desires of others, and strives not to offend anyone, so that everyone is satisfied. He is not inclined to change the style of communication depending on the status and social role of a person, for him all people are equal and free in this world. At the same time, it can be difficult for him to set global, long-term goals and motivate himself to achieve them - for this you need to use higher functions.

In general, FLEV is a life-loving and resilient person, with slight melancholy, who is passive in unfamiliar situations, subtly feeling, democratic and internally free.

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