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VELF - Akhmatova

For representatives of the VELF type drawing attention to your person is as natural as breathing. These people have a bright charisma and the ability to remain themselves and not adapt to anyone in any situation. Akhmatovas are extremely stubborn, they are almost impossible to convince to do or not to do, to convince them to abandon their plans is a merit. Their enthusiasm is contagious, so VELF easily leads people. This type never doubts his right to power, does not ask himself “But do I deserve the place I ended up on?".

Akhmatova is one of the most fruitful types in art, if she writes poetry, then she does it constantly, so to speak, “not a day without a line”. If this is a musician, he constantly creates new songs and music, mastering a large number of musical instruments and using unexpected means of expression. In the art of Akhmatova - like a fish in water, here they do not feel the slightest embarrassment.

Also, this type is not indifferent to the problems of others. They find the core of the concern and do not calm down until it is resolved. This attracts people to them, causes a desire to communicate and be friends, but it is impossible to get their undivided attention, since these people devote themselves to global tasks: they help and sympathise with the whole world, and not just you.

At the same time, for Akhmatova, those people who can understand them, penetrate their deepest motivations and complement the images of the world they created, are very valuable. They also like to talk about themselves. as well as others, and their stories will no doubt be fascinating and emotionally saturated. They are also attracted by mysterious, secretive people, those in whom internal discord is visible. They want to help and liberate, sometimes even in cases where the person himself does not need it.

Akhmatova experience a frantic craving for knowledge, love to be in the company of intellectuals and are fascinated by beautiful logical constructions. Adore discussions. An enthusiastic pathos prevails in their attitude to science. Those areas of knowledge that are easily given to representatives of this type are not appreciated by them, they seek to master something complex in order to overcome themselves. For example, the VELF, who has a clear predisposition to art and literature, is fluent in foreign languages, and is a wonderful speaker, may seek to learn these exact sciences, thoroughly understand them and achieve success in this area.

Akhmatova, despite their indifference to the material world, often creates an “own style”, which in general is an absurd combination of things, but is perceived by others as something original and valuable due to self-confidence and the equanimity of representatives of this type. Their stubbornness can also manifest itself in the sphere of appearance: for example, Akhmatova can go on a hiking trip in a long skirt and in heels so as not to change her style.

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