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VLEF - Socrates

Of all the types with First Will, Socrates is the softest and most flexible in appearance. His determination and inner core are not striking. These people are lone-wolfs, although they usually have few loyal followers who admire them.

The isolation of VLEF is associated with problems in emotional expression. Because of them, Socrates is not inclined to appreciate the emotionality of other people. This type is characterized by evaluating people in terms of their strong-willed qualities and intelligence, so a person who is charismatic and pleasant, but stupid at the same time, will cause only irritation in Socrates.

The democracy of the Second Logic does not manifest itself vividly in Socrates. In most cases, he considers his opinion to be the only correct one and seeks to open others to the “truth”. For VLEF, the expression “make you think” is very suitable. He seeks to wake up thought and intellectual abilities in every person, which is why the profession of a teacher is very suitable for this type.

VLEF is interested in the physical world insofar as this affects his ability to achieve goals and intellectual activity. He is inclined to choose the lifestyle that retains clarity and tone of mind, and also adds energy to important things. To do this, Socrates can play sports, abandon dependencies, etc.

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