First Sexta

First Sexta
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First Sexta





First Psychosophic Sexta

The first psychosophic sexta is characterized by process-oriented Will and Logic, as well as result-oriented Physics and Emotion. It includes the types Andersen (ELVF), Ghazali (EVLF), Goethe (FVLE) and Aristipp (FLVE). It follows that the first sexta particularly encourages disputes and heated discussions. Proving their case is what is important for the types of this sexta, because it is on this that their self-esteem significantly depends.

These types are usually unpretentious in everyday life and in entertainment, which is why their personal relationships are generally more durable than those of other sextas. At the same time, they are ambitious, love to discuss their goals and decisions. They are characterized by a calm attitude to scenes of violence in works of art, as well as interest in what is called “aesthetics of the disgusting.”

All representatives of this sexta have a keen perception of personal boundaries and it will take a lot of patience to form close connections to them. But if the relationship has been established, discontinuing it will be very difficult. Other strengths of the types of the first sexta are their ambitiousness, bravery and free thinking, as well as strong nerves.

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