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ELVF - Andersen

In the socionic community, there is a stereotype that emotional people, whose attention is concentrated on their own desires, who are able to argue for a long time about something and not notice their body and their feelings, are of the Hamlet type. But in most cases, these people are simply representatives of the psychosophic type “Andersen”.

Andersens are romantics. They live in a world of their experiences, emotions and feelings. The strength of this aspect of this type is the deep sensitivity with which they perceive the events taking place around them. Andersen can talk for a long time about everything in their environment: about singing birds flying past planes, about their feelings, about their attitude to people and the world as a whole. Having talked with such a person, you can immediately understand what mood he is in: on the face of a smile - happy, sad eyes - upset.

Andersen does not know how to explain to others that they do not reckon with his desires, so he includes his strongest weapon - emotions. If ELVF raises its voice, this does not mean that he wants to offend you - he is simply drawing attention to his problem. Naturally, in your own quadra your behaviour is considered normal and you will be understood. Another thing is when Andersen gets into the company of types from other quadras, his bright expression can be perceived as a reluctance to adjust, self-centration and self-love. True, the bad side of ELVF is that it often simply does not notice that other people also have feelings and desires.

It’s very difficult for Andersen to understand what he really wants. It’s one thing when it’s hard for others to convey what you want, another when you yourself do not know your desires. ELVF may doubt the two options for days, but in the end does not choose any of them. For example, where to go, what to buy, what to do. And in a greater sense, this concerns self-identification. It is thanks to this combination of personal qualities (increased attention to his emotions and difficulties in making choices) that Andersen can spend his whole life looking for himself, without ever finding what he is looking for..

The strongest side of this type is the ability to speak, speak well and convincingly, to be confident in one’s own knowledge and judgement. ELVF is an erudite type, in disputes it has no equal, especially if it concerns its interests. This is, of course, granted that he is sure that it is his interest and that it is worth fighting for.

Another feature of ELVF is its complete ignorance in the material world. This type simply lacks energy for physical interaction, for example, for sports, cooking or for buying clothes. Especially if you need to make a choice: what to do, what to cook or what to buy. Andersen is very difficult to understand in terms of what he likes and what his tastes are. And also his obsession with his own emotions. For example, on his birthday, he can shout out: “What? Why did you give it to me? I didn’t want that! I don’t know what I want, but I know for sure that I don’t want that!"

Often any decision made by Andersen ends with his rejection. Therefore, if it comes to material terms, in a person you can suspect this type of his, for example, groomed appearance or last year’s clothes. A kind of emotionally inflated, intelligent and eternally self-digging person. It remains only to “understand and forgive”.

Detailing the image of Andersen can be done by looking at the characteristics of various accentuations of functions in this type. For example, it is more common for one ELVF to restrain their emotions (the “principality” activation), while for others it is to use emotions to put pressure on others (“subjectivity”). There are also those who, without attaching particular importance to their feelings, unknowingly give them excessive freedom (“result”). It often happens that due to atypical accentuations, representatives of other types type themselves as ELVF (partially this is indicated by the excessive popularity of this type).

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