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EVLF - Ghazali

Ghazali lives in the world of his experiences, which he, nevertheless, does not impose on anyone. This is not to say that EVLF is incapable of sincere sympathy, like the Andersens, but it should be noted that they seek help with business, support, and do not like to listen to endless nagging. A barren pity that does not help human development is not their sphere. Their emotions are usually unobtrusive, and even 3E do not experience pressure when communicating with them (although they may suffer from a lack of process).

EVLF is very altruistic, lively, responds to the problems of others, pushes for active actions, and convinced that there is nothing to fear and everything will work out. They have a heightened sense of guilt, because of which they perceive their need for rest as laziness and ruthlessly force themselves to do the necessary things. Similarly, they do not respond well to friends' attempts to avoid working with the arguments “I don’t want to now,” “I am depressed,” etc. For them, this is not enough reason to lay back and stop pursuing their goals. Also, the guilt and increased responsibility of Ghazali leads to the fact that during cooperative work they perform their part of the work as efficiently as possible, and then they do a significant part of the work for others, wanting to help.

EVLF is very curious, new knowledge brings them sincere joy, so they are interested in a wide variety of areas of life, different areas of science. They can do the work for free only because they are interested in figuring out how the enterprise works, for example. Material values are of little importance to them, since the Ghazali do not seek either sensory pleasures or the establishment of their status in society. They spend minimally on things and money, and this completely suits them.

Ghazali are conscientious people, and even among the Second Volition they are the most responsible. You can easily rely on them, they are indispensable where self-government is necessary - because they are good organizers, and also pleasant and easy to communicate with. Personal relationships - friendly or romantic - are relations of two equal partners based on mutual assistance and common interests. EVLF does not pursue pleasure through physical indulgence such as alcohol, and does not respond well to attempts to integrate them into a certain hierarchy (at work, at a university or school). For them, the teacher / employer / customer is just another equal partner in business relations that needs their services / provides them with their services. Ghazali is very democratic and internally free from the pressure of others, although not free from their own sense of responsibility.

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