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FLVE - Aristippus

Aristipp is characterized by a rather gloomy worldview. He often takes the place of a grey cardinal in society, one which has remarkable ambitions, but at the same time he is careful to attract attention. He is vindictive and hardly forgives resentment, as he cares very much about the inviolability of his social status. He is often slow in motion and speaks in a quiet voice.

In society, FLVE is rarely popular, he is usually seen as unpleasant by others partly because he seeks to inspire them not with love, but with fear. He seeks to possess power, but having received it, he shows all his worst qualities. He is very smart and far-sighted, which is why he is prone to intrigues and secrets. In society, he is vulgar and repels with his cynicism.

Aristippa's greed is combined with caring for his loved ones. He is inclined to divide people into his own and strangers. This quality is revealed only to those people who impress him as altruists, people he trusts to not pursue any hidden goals.

FLVE is often called the most dangerous psychosophy type, because many criminals and tyrants possessed this stacking of functions. At the same time, he himself seeks security, reaches for non-ambitious, sincere people who do not seek to compete with him (Aristipp, like all 3V owners, perceives superiority over himself in any sphere of life painfully). Only such a person can find an approach to him and benefit from his great thirst for affirmation.

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