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FVLE - The Gotem

The types of the First Quadra, as a general rule, have very vivid manifestations. All of them are somehow the very same: Andersen, the most tragic type, Ghazali - the most spiritual, Aristipp - the most dangerous. And Goethe is considered the most harmonious type. We will understand why such impressions were made about them and how much it has in common with reality.

FVLE gives the impression of groundedness and reliability, and often inspires trust in people who are barely familiar with it. Representatives of this type are characterized by nobility in the spirit of “Live and let live”. It is easy to get help from this person if you do not abuse his generosity.

Goethe - great lovers of simple worldly pleasures, a delicious lunch, a pleasant chatter or a good book. At the same time, the desire to assert themselves at the expense of others is alien to them, because of this it sometimes seems that they are deprived of ambition. In fact, Goethe believes that any goals can be achieved in such a way as not to harm, and even help, people around him. For them, cooperative work is interesting, although loneliness is also perfectly tolerable.

For FVLE, in comparison with other representatives of 1F, greed in material terms is not so characteristic. They handle themselves well when it comes to healthy eating, clothing, accumulating money or possessions. Caring for oneself, as well as for others, is a very characteristic quality for them. Goethe strives for moderate hedonism, allowing it so long as it does not prevent him from realisation in life.

FVLE is very fond of asking “eternal” questions, thinking about the meaning of life, about fate, about the structure of the world. They, as a rule, have a high degree of awareness and a clear view of the world. He does not strain in communication, loves both the company and loneliness. People are interested in him as a source of new thoughts and motivation.

So, Goethe is really a very harmonious type in which his Second Will helps him (which does not allow him to rise at someone else's expense) and the Third Logic (the most painless of the triples, as you know, in addition, a person with 3L is an eternal student, because of which the soul always remains young). Thanks to the First Physics, Goethe is not divorced from all things earthly, or from pleasures, and is perceived as an effective actor in the material world, a strong, confident person.

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