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LEFV - Augustin

Representatives of the LEFV type create the impression of a soft person, but “with character”. Despite the fact that Augustine as a whole is not inclined to incite conflicts, easily coexists with other people and does not see the problem of losing, he also likes to joke about, and sometimes mercilessly ridicule others. This is done under the veil of humor, and if the interlocutor is offended, then he will also get for taking everything too seriously.

LEFV are charming and attracts people to themselves, and this happens by itself. This is not to say that Augustine climbs out of his skin to become the soul of the company. Being in the spotlight for him is as natural as breathing. A representative of this type who is responsive to people is always ready to show interest or support others in anything - it is easy for him, and the other person is pleased. Because of this, others are drawn to Augustine, as if he was spreading sunlight around him. Alas, thanks to his manner of communication, people often see friendship or romantic interest where there is only superficial sympathy, which can cause unpleasant situations.

As a rule, LEFV looks attractive and well-groomed. However, he himself constantly doubts his beauty. Representatives of this type are terribly aware, even of small defects in their appearance. For example, Augustine girls may not go out to people without makeup, and share revelations like: “You imagine, he saw me without makeup and stayed with me ... this is real intimacy!'' or, having a slender figure, constantly gets on diets. Also, many LEFV will never publish their photos without processing. And so on. Of course, such a fixation on their appearance brings fruit in the form of admiration for others, but Augustine themselves are never completely confident in themselves and cannot feel relaxed. Every second they remember that they are evaluated, at the same time they crave this assessment and are afraid of it. Augustines are grateful recipients of compliments, even if you “for show” praise their new hairstyle, they will take it with all seriousness: “Yes? You really think so?"

LEFV does not look like an ambitious person, like someone struggling to achieve success and complete his goals. And this is understandable, because many goals are achieved by them without any tension. Those around them love and are always ready to help. As they yield in trifles, Augustines receive disproportionately more as a result. However, representatives of this type are attracted not by the alluring “beautiful far away”, but by a pleasant, eventful life here and now. They are fond of various types of art, communication and building relationships with people, often leading an active lifestyle. They have many talents, although they do not always have the perseverance to develop them.

Mind is not the quality that catches your eye when communicating with the Augustins. Nevertheless, they themselves consider themselves smart people, and prefer interlocutors with whom they can communicate on an equal footing. It is difficult to convince representatives of this type, but listening to their conclusions is very interesting. At the same time, LEFV is not expected from you by discussions, but by an emotional reaction to your words. For her sake, they are ready to make unusual, provocative judgments. Augustines rarely connect their lives with science, but they can realize themselves well in the field of education, since almost all of them love children and easily find a common language with them.

In general terms, LEFV can be described as a person with mild charm and self-contained. His “Achilles heel” is an endless doubt about his beauty and external attractiveness, as well as a weakness for compliments. LEFV is a calm, light, non-slow type. He is always at the centre of events, without making almost any effort.

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