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LFEV - Bertier

Representative of the LFEV type is a person not very expressive, but very pleasant in communication. This type manages to be romantic and down to earth at the same time, and so that these qualities do not conflict with one another. Like other types from the fourth quadra, it is most fascinated by people and communication with them, but this does not mean that this type is an extrovert. On the contrary, from afar it seems secretive and mysterious. He is characterized by a slight melancholy, and his worldview, as a rule, is painted in minor shades.

It may seem outwardly impregnable, but at the same time with close people it shows amazing softness. Unlike 2V, whose softness is superficial, only external (and inside is a steel rod), this type, on the contrary, from afar seems more stubborn than it really is. This is due to the fact that Bertier has an uncompromising opinion on many issues, and it is rather difficult to convince him, given that he does not want to discuss his worldview at all. Moreover, he cannot be called an inquisitive person. On the contrary, LFEV seeks to avoid unnecessary information, unnecessary points of view that others are trying to impose on him. Such conversations cause him an unbearable sense of boredom. Although Bertier did not mind studying in detail issues of value to him, it is better to do it on his own and without further discussion.

The interests of LFEV are mainly related to communication, relations with people. This type likes emotional and physical interaction - flirting, touch, care, emotional conversations. Alone, he feels unhappy, quickly becomes gloomy and loses motivation to do anything. Love and relationships, on the contrary, inspire him to lead an active social life, engage in creativity, and improve himself.

LFEV can achieve success in creative fields of activity, such as music, dance, style and fashion, and other activities where working with images intertwines with attention to the body, appearance, and details of the material world. However, much depends on the circumstances, since it is difficult for this type to be purposeful and “break through the walls” on the way to his dream. Rather, he will prefer workarounds, and will go with the flow, only slightly adjusting the situation. His weak point is laziness: it is difficult for this type to discipline himself, because of which he can miss many opportunities to improve his life.

If you describe Bertier in a nutshell, then this is a soft and restrained person. Their attributes combine in an interesting way, seemingly incompatible qualities, such as secrecy and emotionality, practicality and romanticity, self-sufficiency and exposure to influence, thirst for communication and alienation.

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