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VEFL - Tolstoy

VEFL type representative - a person who successfully manifests himself in dancing, design, professions related to image and style, as well as in romantic relationships.

Even as introverts in temperament, the Tolstoy strive to show themselves in society, flirt, and make fascinating romantic connections. They are very successful in this, since the VEFL are confident and charismatic people. This is a truly “star” type, both in a good and in a bad sense. On the one hand, it is easy for him to take the lead, to be the soul of the company, he feels great when all eyes are turned toward him. On the other hand, he can give the impression of an unattainable perfectionist who looks down on everyone.

Tolstoy, as a rule, is an ambitious person, sets himself ambitious goals and does not like to discuss them with someone. When making decisions, the VEFL does not take into account the opinions of other people, so they can be considered selfish. They are very independent and self-sufficient. But it is these qualities that attract others to them, cause admiration and a desire to imitate.

Tolstoy is very pleasant in communication. He is light, unobtrusive, does not press emotionally and at the same time very insightful, subtly feels someone else's mood and knows how to influence them. However, if necessary, the VEFL can subtly express its contempt to a person and cause embarrassment. The main thing is that he always manages this process himself, it is impossible to take him by surprise and put him in an awkward position.

Striving for impeccability, Tolstoy very carefully monitors his appearance. These are well-groomed, neat people who do not lose sight of a single detail. No less seriously, they relate to the quality of food consumed, as well as living conditions - comfort, cleanliness, quality of things around them. In close relations, the VEFL are affectionate, love tactile contact, but at the same time capricious, they need to be given ratings and advice from the outside, but delicately, so as not to hurt. They themselves are very careful not to violate other people's physical boundaries, and they expect the same from other people.

They don’t really like to reflect on abstract topics. They can tell a person “as it really is”, but they will not respond to the response arguments and will quickly lose interest in talking. In disputes, they often resort to emotional influence - ridiculing the interlocutor, condescending intonations and the like.

Summarising, we can say that the VEFL is a charming, easily sympathetic person who, however, at a long distance seems impregnable and even arrogant. Without problems he evokes the feelings he needs. This perception of arrogance is not least due to the fact that Tolstoy always strives to look perfect and attractive. The VEFL is also a fairly grounded personality who does not like to go into abstract thoughts and talk about “irrelevant” things.

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