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VFEL - Tvardovsky

Representative of the VFEL type - a person with a complex character. High activity, the desire for social interactions are combined with secrecy and alienation from others.

Tvardovsky seeks self-affirmation and if this type has caught fire with some purpose, desire - it is very difficult to stop him. He sees no obstacles in his path, and this helps him achieve his goals. However, if objective circumstances do not allow them to realise their ambitions, then the VFEL react very painfully, becomes gloomy, and closes itself off for a long time. In this state, it is very difficult to influence, calm, motivate. Representatives of this type practically do not need support, their goals are their own business. They also pass criticism by their ears - at best, at worst - they react with anger and irritation.

Tvardovsky are mobile people who find it difficult to sit in one place for a long time. Their hobby is usually associated with physical activity. This type can be fond of sports, martial arts, and doing something with their hands. In conflicts, he is more likely than other types to show physical aggression. Representatives of this psychosophic type are attentive to their appearance, some of them love various body modifications and can go too far in bodybuilding, or, for example, plastic surgery. Others, on the contrary, put convenience in the foreground and dress very simply, but gently. In any case, the ratings from the outside do not really affect them, all that they do with their body is the result of their own desire, not complexes and uncertainty.

It is difficult for this type of person to express their feelings freely. Often, the desire of the Tvardovsky to control their emotions, coupled with a thirst for self-expression, forms a strange, uneven, and unnatural behaviour. It can be, for example, a sandwiched laugh, a sharp change in facial expressions, chaotic, as if not completely controlled gestures. The best thing is that the VFEL is very open among close people who know it well. Then he flirts relaxed, sincerely has fun, and is also sincerely angry or offended. Flirting is generally a separate topic for Tvardovsky. They love romance, understatements and hints, playful behaviour, and coquetry, but they themselves are not very good at this - most likely, they expect all this from a partner. It is easier for them to express their feelings physically - in the form of touch, treats, and gifts. VFEL can cook a sophisticated exotic dish to make his girlfriend or boyfriend happy, but be shy to talk directly about feelings. In a long relationship, this is smoothed out.

This type does not like to reason much. If he came to some kind of conclusion, then most likely it will remain for a long time. It is very difficult to convince him with the help of logical arguments, partly because Tvardovsky himself does not see the point of discussing - he thinks that opinions on most issues do not affect anything. “He thinks so or so, what's the difference?”. This, along with the rest of its features, including stubbornness and closeness. It is virtually impossible to prove to the VFEL that their goals and desires are unreasonable or unattainable. The only thing that can affect their intentions is a personal attitude towards a person (for example, love). In this state, they strive to fulfil any whim of their beloved. But only until they see a negative response, until their feelings are affected by indifference or rejection. Usually representatives of this type are very jealous and dangerous in anger.

Thus, Tvardovsky has a persistent, dominant character, and very much needs the ease, soft relaxation that only other people can give. This type feels bad alone, it is difficult for him to cope with negative emotions. Only contact with others helps him direct his boiling energy in the right direction. Therefore, this type needs to develop, first of all, social skills. This harmonises his entire personality and allows him to take his leadership role. It will also lead to a more effective achievement of its goals.

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