Second Sexta

Second Sexta
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Second Sexta





Second Psychosophic Sexta

The second psychosophic sexta is characterized by process-oriented Will and Physics, as well as result-oriented Emotion and Logic. It includes the types Pushkin (EFVL), Pasternak (EVFL), Lao Tzu (LVFE) and Plato (LFVE). This sexta distinguishes itself by being the “most silent” of all, since those aspects that appear primarily through speech (Emotion with Logic) are in the result-oriented positions.

For these types, working as teams and continuously interacting with others is very important. They like to collaborate and compete with other people, assemble teams to achieve shared goals and develop joint strategies. Another quality they share is a strong focus on the beauty and aesthetics of the material world. They have the desire to decorate and create the ideal place of residence or work. In people, they value proper grooming more than just a beautiful appearance. It is important for them that a person constantly improves, making the appropriate efforts to ensure improvement, and in their opinion, only people who do this deserve respect.

The strengths of the types of the second sexta are: the ability to achieve long-term goals, good taste, care for their health, tolerance for violent emotional manifestations, constant work on oneself. Their weaknesses are the reluctance to question established dogmas, lack of charisma and low levels of empathy.

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