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EFVL - Pushkin

Representatives of the EFVL type attract attention with their emotionality and expressiveness. They are not characterized by embarrassment. The Pushkins are very indifferent to the opinions of others and behave as they want, which is why they cause a violent reaction in society. It is difficult for people to treat them neutrally - EFVL is caused either by indignation or admiration (sometimes both at the same time). Despite the apparent sensitivity, Pushkin is very indifferent to other people's experiences.

Usually representatives of the EFVL type are active, are in good physical shape, play sports or dance, and move a lot. They like to give advice to others about their appearance and lifestyle. At the same time, they can show intolerance towards people who, in their opinion, do not follow themselves or dress tastelessly. In general, they are of a heavy nature and prone to conflict.

The Pushkins are quick to react when they hurt their pride. But at the same time, they are not vindictive and quickly cool - because of their susceptibility to moods. Their feelings are bright, quickly flare up and go out. The Pushkin is ambitious and active, they are capable of much when they light up for some purpose. A significant role in this is played by their desire to demonstrate their success to other people, to prove what they are capable of.

These people are hardly given intellectual activity. The tension of the mind requires certain efforts on their part and does not bring pleasure, so they do not seek to explain their conclusions unless someone insistently demands it. They believe that an intelligent person should be laconic and be able to concisely express his thoughts. They reach for such people, considering them the most adequate and have unaccountable trust in them. They do not like discussions, they need reliable knowledge that can be practically applied, and they prefer to receive and assimilate it alone.

If you summarize, then Pushkin is a bright, active, quick-tempered, stubborn person who does not love excessive chatter and is guided by his own logic, not always understandable from the outside.

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