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EVFL - Pasternak

Representatives of the type of EVFL are quite calm, albeit sociable, people. They can be called harmonious, since they are not inclined to invent unnecessary problems and suffer from fictitious complexes. Pasternak builds a level relationship with people and does not like excessive drama.

EVFL strives for aesthetically attractive objects - both people and things. He is interested in talking about the appearance of people, about the beauty of nature, and especially Pasternak likes to make the world a little better. Because of this, he can get carried away with photography, design, and decoration. Pasternak does not have great ambitions, but still quite successful in his work, since he likes the process of achieving his goals, and he enjoys sometimes forcing himself to do things even when he is lazy.

For a representative of this type, it is important to equip his home so that it meets all his requirements, which many and which other people can consider petty. Convenience and comfort in everyday life are as important for EVFL as beauty and aesthetics. We can say that Pasternak methodically creates and adorns all kinds of details in his own world, full of romance and a sense of beauty. This applies to the material world, his circle of acquaintances, and family, and work. The harmony of EVFL is manifested in all areas of his life.

Pasternaks love emotional communication, love to laugh and gossip. But global topics are of little interest to them, since they are not related to their own lives. EVFL is usually considered good people, but at the same time they tend to tease others and behave a little intrusively.

Summarizing, we can say that EVFL is a “right” and “positive” person who loves beauty around him and does not like to bother his mind with unnecessary information.

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