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LFVE - Plato

How can you understand from a model of this type, Plato - This is a person for whom it is natural to have a definite opinion about everything. He does not want to prove it to someone or revise it because of other people's disagreement, because he is not only confident in his intellect, but is indifferent to another's opinion. He is interested in leisurely understanding the new information, making for himself a holistic picture of the world. As a rule, this type believes that it is much smarter than people around, and can use its mind to assert itself. LFVE explains his thoughts simply and clearly, does not like to enter into discussions since he does not care whether others agree with him or not.

Plato is mobile, has a good physical form and despises those who are not as active or insufficient. He assesses his physical strength as a trouble-free tool for influencing people, does not consider it shameful to use assault, even if he does not seem to show aggression, sooner or later it pops up in a relationship. His mood is highly dependent on satisfying physical needs, on whether he had a good night's sleep, whether he has eaten or not, etc. LFVE can limit itself and lead an almost ascetic lifestyle if circumstances (such as poverty) force it, but basic needs must always be met.

Plato is very prone to envy. His self-esteem is fragile and dynamically changing, even the slightest setbacks or other people's successes can deprive him of motivation for further actions. LFVE is very ambitious and does not represent the life of a “small person”. Status and recognition are important to him. He tries to be decisive, but fluctuations in motivation lead to the fact that Plato may not do the planned and not fulfil his promises.

LFVE is often ruthless to other people. He practically does not feel affection, easily tears off relations (with rare exceptions). He is not predisposed to empathy. He can depict emotional interaction if he needs it for some purpose, but it will be shallow and stereotyped, it is easy to reveal its insincerity in this case.

To summarize, we can conclude that Plato is smart (1L), mobile (2F), conceited (3B) and indifferent to emotional experiences (4E).

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