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LVFE - Lao Zi

Lao Zi often gives the impression of a calm and unperturbed person. He is cool in communication, it is difficult to expect sympathy from him, although LVFE will try to find several ways to solve your problems. This type, despite its introvertibility, likes to influence other people and be in the thick of things. Often Lao Zi has great authority in his circle of friends.

LVFE tolerates scandals and strong emotions around itself well. He likes bright and expressive people who are not shy about their feelings. Lao also loves to establish contacts with professional people in different fields, because he believes that he cannot figure it out, and in some matters it is better to turn to a specialist. At the same time, he often puts a lot of effort in supporting beginners in some business or profession, and these people will benefit him in the future. Thus, during his life, Lao makes useful connections. People who disappoint them are ruthlessly deleted from their life because they lose interest in them.

LVFE have stable habits in everyday life and nutritional preferences and have an adverse reaction if someone imposes their own on them. They like to show generosity towards other people if they have the opportunity to do so. They are conscientious and active, prompting other people to participate.

Often have a formed idea of a world that, however, is not imposed on anyone, recognizing that other people may think differently. They believe that the worldview should serve a person and make his life better, so there is no need to argue about it.

Detailing the image of Lao Zi, characterized by various accentuations of functions of this type. For example, it is more common for one LVFE to enter into disputes and impose its point of view (“subjectivity”), while others tend to remain silent and listen carefully (“introversion”). There are those who do not attach much importance to another's opinion and it is not interesting to express their own to them (“unconsciousness”).

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