Sixth Sexta

Sixth Sexta
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Sixth Sexta





Sixth Psychosophic Sexta

The sixth psychosophic sexta is characterized by process-oriented Will and Emotion, as well as result-oriented Physics and Logic. It includes types like Chekhov (FVEL), Dumas (FEVL), Pascal (LEVF) and Einstein (LVEF).

The types of this sexta pay a lot of attention to emotions: some joke a lot and amuse others, others escalate the situation and dramatize. Whatever such people do, they always take into account their or other people's mood. These types are active and purposeful. They discuss plans and are ready to persistently achieve their goals. Often their intentions affect other people.

Chekhov, Dumas, Pascal and Einstein do not like to discuss: they trust an authoritative opinion although the 1L types usually view themselves as the authority. To convince them of anything, it will be useful to refer to the results of the experiments and life experience. It is difficult for these types to approach the arrangement of everyday life creatively: they are unlikely to appreciate the style of someone’s clothes or how the dish is presented on the plate. Their primary interest in art is in the feelings and aspirations of the author.

The advantages of these types are determination, increased empathy, charisma, and the ability to lead along; disadvantages - excessive dogmatism, and laziness in everyday matters.

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