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FEVL - Dumas

Thanks to the First Physics representative of the FEVL type self-sufficient in his needs. He is resilient, able to enjoy food, a comfortable armchair, beautiful clothes and other worldly joys. To some extent, this is a lazy type who is ready to live in a clean house or in a complete mess: the main thing is that Dumas arranges it. Self-sufficiency in 1F is manifested not only in relation to needs, but also in the view of oneself. So, FEVL considers itself beautiful or ugly regardless of public opinion, fashion or anything else. Compared to other first-physicists, this type can more strongly show possessive features, perceiving such behaviour on its part as a norm, or even without paying attention to it at all.

The Third Will stirred Dumas. 3V wants a lot and constantly thinks about it, which makes Dumas an ambitious type. He likes to discuss his plans with others, to receive help with choosing or supporting in an already made decision. At the same time, he can quickly give up if he meets any difficulties. Public opinion usually does not affect his self-esteem, which is perfectly combined with the ability to 2E play on emotions and attract attention. Comparing his and other people's achievements, sometimes FEVL is faced with the fact that someone is better than himself. In certain matters, this can greatly affect Dumas, and he clings to what he does not doubt about himself - material. Because of this, the view of life in this type is rather mundane, if not materialistic. After all, how can one doubt yourself if you look only at your best sides?

Thanks to the Second Emotion, FEVL receives attention to feelings, the desire to influence and discuss them. Dumas are interesting to other people's emotions, but how this interest manifests itself depends on a specific FEVL. He can be a sensitive empathic interlocutor who will not leave anyone without a kind word.. Dumas feels great in the spotlight, he is not characterised by shyness or obsession with his feelings. If the company has fun, it is unlikely that FEVL will be indifferent (perhaps it was he who cheered up everyone). Among other things, 2E helps reduce the load from 3V. When Dumas doubts his decision or wants to avoid responsibility, he puts everything as a joke, and does it easily and naturally. The hierarchy of thinking of the Third Will affects 2E. FEVL humour can be both completely harmless and quite cruel (depending on the level of culture).

The fourth Logic does not burden itself with unnecessary reasoning. Dumas is simple and straightforward. He reaches out to people who accurately and concisely express thoughts. FEVL has a more complicated situation with the explanation of its own considerations. It is easier for him to simply say what conclusions he came to, and not how he thought of it and what evidence is there. If the discussion still dawned, Dumas prefers to refer to authoritative sources and knowledgeable people.

Dumas loves pleasure and prosperity, creates a mood and literally radiates a love of life. Despite simplicity and immensity, he has his own ambitions. With some support, he can achieve a lot, especially if it is associated with the exchange of emotions (in the show business, Dumas are quite common). Intellectual activity (for example, scientific or logical games) is not of great interest to him. Dumas is interested in applying his knowledge or in communicating with interesting people.

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