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LEVF - Pascal

Representatives of the LEVF type are confident in their opinion. He often gives the impression of a smart person. 1L presents knowledge as an objective truth that is beyond doubt. This happens unintentionally. LEVF really believes that he cannot be mistaken and describes everything extremely objectively. Related to this is their attitude to discussions: “Why discuss? I already explained everything.”. LEVF either “exactly knows” or does not yet have a point of view. In his right mind, Pascal will not go into something that he does not understand, and will trust specialists.

The third Will has, on the one hand, a constant desire for action. Achieving Pascal's goals very often affects other people: to be the best, to lead the team, to prove their worth. Due to the combination of 3V with the Second Emotion, LEVF tries to present itself in the best light, creating the right image. In this regard, many Pascal feel good in art and show business. On the other hand, 3V is a source of self-doubt. Unmet ambitions may hide behind a bright and smart person. When there is nothing to strive for or the current goal seems impossible, Pascal is tormented by internal contradictions. LEVF considers it unacceptable to drop the bar that society or it itself has set.

The second Emotion is open to other people's experiences. LEVF loves to play in public, “move” its audience, and create an atmosphere. Even if it seems that Pascal ignores someone’s feelings, in fact he sees everything. Being in the spotlight is much better, and it turns out pretty well for him. Like other 2E, it is important for Pascal to get a response. He likes sensitive interlocutors, digging in their "dub" emotions.

Pascal has many goals, feelings and there is a need to form his own opinion. There is simply not enough attention to the "earthly". Like the other Fourth Physicists, LEVF is unpretentious. Pascal thinks little about his comfort, but he will be glad if someone else provides convenience. This type can easily change its eating habits. The main thing is to have someone to “take an example” from. When there is such a person, Pascal feels more alive. But there is a nuance: the LEVF needs to coordinate plans. He can appear disgruntled if he considers that his desires are ignored.

Pascal can be both deliberately dramatic and bright. It is important for him to achieve something, to occupy a certain place, for example, in his team. On important issues, the LEVF has an almost unshakable opinion, and this confidence impresses many people. Sometimes Pascal forgets about his needs, so he can underestimate the “earthly” pleasures.

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