Third Sexta

Third Sexta
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Third Sexta





Third Psychosophic Sexta

The third psychosophic sexta is characterized by process-oriented Physics and Logic, as well as result-oriented Will and Emotion. It includes types like Russo (ELFV), Bukharin (EFLV), Napoleon (VFLE) and Lenin (VLFE). Representatives of this sexta are “people of the Renaissance '' who make the world beautiful and inspiring.

These types are active and mobile, constantly improving their body, love walking and nature. This helps them enjoy life and maintain good health for many years. And their inexhaustible interest in understanding the world allows them to learn a lot, reflect, and discuss all kinds of philosophical topics.

The types of the third sexta are well manifested in intellectual activity, as well as in those forms of art that require excellent knowledge of technique - needlework, drawing, classical dances and music. Their strengths are free thought, naturalness, and a subtle understanding of aesthetics. Their weaknesses are their uncompromising and fussing nature and a tendency to believe in beautifully designed but not confirmed concepts.

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