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EFLV - Bukharin

Representatives of the EFLV type - cheerful and positive people. They love life in all its manifestations. Bukharin's emotions are pronounced in his facial expressions, intonations, behaviour, creating for him the image of an immediate and gullible child open to the world. Bukharin has a radiant look and, as a rule, a ringing voice.

EFLV is very interested in people around them and in the world at large. He likes to learn new things. The process of cognition is what invariably attracts Bukharin. This type often has doubts about his intellect, despite the fact that he knows a lot, and often makes interesting, unconventional conclusions. At the same time, EFLV is inclined to extol other smart people, to admire them without a drop of envy. Envy, vengeance and secrecy are not at all characteristic of this psychosophic type. This is a very sincere person, and if he does not like something, then he will say it directly and loudly.

In addition, Bukharin admires beauty in all its manifestations. He likes beautiful people, corners of nature, buildings, things. EFLV is always ready to compliment the appearance and style of another person so that he is pleased. Representatives of this type themselves try to monitor their appearance in order to look good in their own eyes. Their taste does not always coincide with the generally accepted, but it does not bother them. EFLVs are active, often inclined to lead a healthy lifestyle. It helps them feel good and have a lot of energy for everyday activities.

Bukharin cannot be called a gentle person, since it is difficult for him to control his emotions and adapt to other people. Despite this, this type is one of the most non-conflict, since it always sees in people their best sides. Because of this, it is not interesting for him to enter conflict with someone, it is much better to discuss something in a friendly atmosphere. It is also difficult for other people to be offended or angry at Bukharin, because he behaves very sweetly and directly.

EFLV does not need to prove to the world its “coolness”, to fight for a place in society. He does what is interesting to himself. At the same time, Bukharin wants close people to share his hobbies with as this motivates the EFLV to follow through and finish his work rather than abandon it.

Summarizing, we can say that representatives of the Bukharin type are life-loving, open, inquisitive. It is completely unusual for them to exalt themselves and belittle others, to show meanness and envy. But they openly express their sympathy and admiration, which invariably attracts people to be around them.

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