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ELFV - Russo

Russo - This is one of the most romantic and dreamy psychosophy types. Representatives of this type live in their magical world, which is much more beautiful than the harsh reality. Because of this, they are very vulnerable and need constant protection. ELFV is a very impractical type, and he needs a person nearby who would help fulfil his fantasies in real life. If this does not happen, then Russo goes into himself and becomes like a bird with cut wings. The associate, the heroine of the famous story of Alexander Grin “Scarlet Sails” is a good example of what kind of life strategy ELFV chooses.

Representatives of this type are sensitive, but their emotionality is not bright and assertive, but subtle. Of course, if Russo is in a bad mood, then they can shout at people around him, and in general tend to often raise their voices, like all 1E. However, they do not feel emotional pressure, only a deep impression from that which occurs around them. They are vulnerable, but quickly move away from a bad mood, because they do not like to be sad for a long time - they just get bored. If Russo often encounters disappointments, over time he becomes mundane and cynical, and he suffers from it, because he feels that he has gone far from his true essence.

ELFV loves to look at things from an unexpected perspective and share their thoughts with surrounding people. Admires smart people, believes that intelligence and awareness are essential qualities for a person. Sometimes it goes into itself as if it was covered by negative emotions, but in general it is very talkative and cheerful. About Russo we can say that he feels good both alone and in the company of other people, because he always finds something to talk about, and if desired, he can easily emotionally fence himself off from others. He does not like stupidity, passivity and complaints about life, and if he encounters such manifestations in people, they will be subjected to harsh criticism.

Despite all its dreaminess, ELFV solves everyday problems well and is characterized by high vital activity. He likes to move a lot, draw or master something, and travel. As a rule, Russo loves nature very much, he is pleased to spend time in the fresh air. He respects animals and plants. Among the ELFV there are many vegetarians. But violence or even thoughts about it cause a painful reaction in Russo. Hobbies of representatives of this type are usually peaceful and creative.

ELFV believes that you can fulfil any of your dreams if you really want to. He is waiting for help from the world in achieving his goals, in the form of the right people or good circumstances. Often Russo does not burden himself with the routine work that is necessary to fulfil his desires, since he is very difficult to motivate. And this despite the fact that if there is an objective need (for example, when you need to go to work), ELFV is able to show miracles of self-discipline. This type needs to learn to follow their desires, listen to them constantly, even in trifles. Otherwise, there is a great chance that Russo will spend his whole life on unloved work, and dreaming of a bright future.

Summarizing, we can say that ELFV is subtle, dreamy, bright, kind, but vulnerable and may excessively turn off their motivations and get stuck “going through the motions.”.

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