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VFLE - Napoleon

Representative of the VFLE type is a very self-sufficient person. He is ironic about himself and others, but it is not so easy to see with a cursory glance. On the contrary, because of its restraint and determination, Napoleon may seem too serious.

VFLE always moves its own way, not particularly looking back at society. The realization of his aspirations is primary for him, and he does not feel guilty if his desires contradict the stranger. At the same time, this person is very responsible and you can rely on him if he takes you under his guardianship. At the same time, Napoleon’s relatives will have to come to terms with the fact that he knows how best it will be for them, and he will not accept any compromises.

Regardless of their professional activities, owners of this type pay a lot of attention to physical activity and improving their body. Sometimes this becomes their work, and the most talented trainers, athletes, physical education teachers who can inspire other people to work on themselves are obtained from Napoleons. The VFLE believes that it is impossible to be a harmonious person and enjoy life without satisfying the body's need for movement. It is important for them that the people around them are optic, clean, and monitor their appearance.

Napoleon is a thoughtful person, he likes to listen to other people's reasoning and draw his own conclusions based on them. He likes people who explain their point of view and are able to draw him into the discussion, since he himself is in no hurry to prove his innocence. He can observe heated disputes with interest from the outside, but he does not see the point of interfering in them. On the other hand, he is always ready to change his mind if he realizes that it is wrong. At the same time, Napoleon does not feel wrong, but only draws attention to the fact that his picture of the world has become more objective. Quite often, this type is imbued with ideas that from the perspective of others seem far-fetched and strange (for example, pseudoscientific theories). He likes their logical harmony, even if they are unprovable.

VFLE has good control over its emotions, it cannot be said that it is subject to its feelings. It is difficult to imagine him beating in hysteria or losing his head from passion. At the same time, Napoleon himself is interested in emotional people, no experiences of other people scare him. The owner of this type has certain acting skills that he can use to achieve his goals.

Thus, the VFLE is a calm, independent, physically active person. He does not like to adapt to other people and decides what to do. He is characterized by leadership qualities and confidence in his goals.

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