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VLFE - Lenin

Representative of the VLFE type - an active, and restless person. Self-organization for the sake of achieving goals and everyday self-discipline are not a problem for him - on the contrary, they bring pleasure. From the side, Lenin looks like a self-confident and decisive person who does not like to put tasks off. His assertiveness and ambitiousness can both attract and delight people and push them away, especially at close range. It is not easy to keep up with such a person.

VLFE is a sober person. He is confident in his conclusions, and it can be very difficult to convince him of anything. But Lenin himself is always ready to explain and argue his point of view, enter into a discussion or even into a fierce debate. He is interested in studying new information, especially if you can look at it from different angles - to study different points of view and draw your own conclusions.

At the same time, representatives of this type are not quite confident in themselves when it comes to self-expression in the material world. They doubt that they correctly understand their needs, correctly evaluate their appearance, and often suffer from complexes in this area. To compensate for their discomfort, VLFE can behave aggressively and assertively - to violate someone else's personal space, exhaust themselves with diets and sports, to shine, clean up their apartment, and reproach other people if they do not support the proper, in their opinion, order. There are also such anecdotal cases when Lenin comes to visit and, being unable to ignore the mess and dirt, begins to clean up someone else's housing.

This type is not characterized by sentimentality. He is able to maintain composure in the most difficult circumstances and not succumb to emotions. Lenin does not show his love and friendship in emotional conversations and confessions, but in actions. Close people can count on his patronage and support in a difficult situation. In return, they will have to come to terms with his stubbornness and uncompromisingness.

Thus, VLFE is an energetic, persistent person. He seeks self-expression in the material world, but the complexes constrain him and force him to behave unnaturally, too assertively. Lenin's advantages are also credibility in discussions and the ability to not get lost in critical situations.

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