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Dominant Subtype

Enthusiast — Caretaker

Prototype: Volunteer, social activist, advocate or trade union organizer

He is an optimistic, cheerful and sociable person. He is considerate to people and actively tries to raise their moods, helping not just in word but in deed. He is capable of rejoicing in others’ successes, willingly sharing their achievements, but when they fall into a bad mood, he finds no need to comfort them. He either immediately throws a tirade of negative emotions or simply waits until their mood changes.

He doesn’t hide his feelings, whether positive or negative. He can never stand rudeness and deceit. Although quite irascible and short-tempered, he quickly forgives and forgets. He is able to perform on stage as a public figure, artist, or actor. He successfully organizes merry celebrations or festive events. He takes care of the weak and defenseless and is effective in organizing trade unions and charitable activities.

He is outraged by self-righteous, arrogant, or grouchy people. In protest, he can deliberately spoil their mood, demanding compliance with accepted norms or rules. He easily makes new acquaintances, in both personal and business affairs. However, close friends are few, since few can tolerate his emotional dominance.

He tends to be late for meetings and events. This happens because of fussiness and overwhelming present affairs. He never quite willingly engages in domestic issues, but is rather committed to social activities, preferring to talk to a wide circle of people and benefit many others. However, household chores are dealt with quickly due to practicality and skill.

He can be inspired by any idea and becomes an active supporter of the idea, striving to implement it, in reality, sparing neither strength nor time. His enthusiasm is unabated even if there are numerous difficulties.

Creative Subtype

Enthusiast — Pleaser

Prototype: Admirer of talent

This is the most charming representative of this type. He easily makes acquaintances. He is an effective receptionist when accommodating guests, as well as organizing cultural gatherings. Very quick on his feet, he doesn’t like remaining in one place for prolonged periods. He tends to travel, learning about the lifestyles of others around the world. He always has something to talk about. Tourism activities, facilitating guests, working in or owning salons or boutiques, conducting concerts and celebrations — these are the best applications for his abilities. He respects experience and knowledge, although he won’t delve into this deeply. He is interested first and foremost in people themselves: their character and feelings.

He is quite inconsistent and impulsive and poorly calculates his time. A lot of effort is spent on minor things. As a result of that, he never seems to find the appropriate time to schedule things. He’s ashamed of his lateness and disorganization and tries to discipline himself. He willingly volunteers, accepting new positions and organizing them, but never really thinking about the consequences.

Sometimes he is overly trusting or careless, poorly anticipating the future prospects of a proposed deal. As a result, he can make reckless decisions which are later regretted. When such an individual frequently make mistakes, he becomes suspicious, although he does not show this to others. He is quite jealous in personal relationships and won’t rest until his suspicions are dispelled.

He poorly handles dull routines and may daydream or think about the pleasant memories from the past to escape. He never refuses to test himself in something new. He doesn’t enjoy wasting time, and is always trying to fill his day with interesting experiences: visits to the theatre, cinema, exhibitions, parks, friends, etc. He describes events he experiences passionately and in detail, relating whatever he has seen or heard. He enthusiastically supports a variety of novelties, but will not be limited by them.

In life he achieves everything on his own and doesn’t rely on others. His outer gentleness can be replaced suddenly by authoritativeness when a decisive moment affecting his personal interests comes. He successfully engages with any practical activity but likes to have his efforts and resourcefulness appreciated. When necessary, he can easily gain the confidence of others. He is good at distributing goods and signing trade deals. People reach out to him, but he is not interested in organizing and supervising them.

Normalizing Subtype

Enthusiast — Provider

Prototype: Family doctor

An organized and considerate person, he tends to restrain his current emotions. He won’t give superficial, hasty judgments, or make sudden changes to his assessments in order to fit a particular situation. He collects clear and detailed information on subjects that are interesting to him. His conclusions are driven by moral considerations and competent sources found to possess rational explanations. He condemns bad taste, rudeness and tactless behavior. He strives to encourage good manners and a love of knowledge in people close to him. He is devoted to his friends and family. He is persistent and forthright in relationships if convinced of his correctness.

He is inclined to take a long time before making important decisions on complex issues. In order to gather his thoughts, he seeks solitude. He appreciates intelligent interlocutors who can competently explain intricate questions. Due to the chaos of his own thoughts and fear of making mistakes, he may withdraw at the last moment when he has to make a radical decision. More than other variants of this type, he is subject to confusion and excitement, especially when speaking in public.

Amongst his business qualities are distinguished organization and efficiency. He does not take criticism well, as he worries greatly about the work assigned to him and takes it very seriously. He may see negative comments as being made at his own expense, so he quite easily takes offense. He is less easily appeased compared to other variants of this type. He does not strive to take leadership positions and never overestimates his intellectual abilities. He frequently accepts seeing himself on the sidelines as a secretary, assistant, reference, nurse, etc.

He strongly reacts to ungratefulness and expresses his indignation by leaving. In disputes and confrontations, he does not get involved. Internally he has a lot of anxieties about people close to him. When making ethical assessments, he is always confident and knows who to maintain relations with (and who not to). He often questions aesthetic taste. Generally, he is moderate in fashion, dressing in appropriate attire for whatever event or situation he is in.

He prefers concrete work that is systematic in nature: for example, working in the countryside, growing flowers, needlework (embroidery, applique, crochet, etc.). He is good at conducting housekeeping matters and monitors his loved ones’ health and nutrition.

Harmonizing Subtype

Enthusiast — Alleviator

Prototype: Facilitator or project manager coordinating communication on a specific task

He is a diplomatic person who is calm and friendly to people. He is charming and welcoming towards people interested in talking to him. Unlike other Enthusiast subtypes, he is much less emotional and restless. In everything he seeks harmony. He is tasteful, although unobtrusively so, and dresses accordingly whether at home or at work, maintaining cleanliness and comfort. He is observant, especially when people notice his customs and habits. He knows people and what they need. He provides all possible support to the gifted yet modest in nature. To him, helping people adjust to their lives is his mission. It is very surprising that many of this subtype experience difficulties coming up with a problem to solve or attainable goals.

He cooks delicious dishes, designs them in a pretty way. He values pleasant and exquisitely-made things. He is committed to peace and material sufficiency. He knows how to give pleasure and satisfyingly pleasant surprises. He makes a lot of useful things with his own hands. He is often successful in the service sector — window decoration and interior design, beauty salons, tailors, hairdressers, photography, applied arts, etc. His workplace must be comfortable and beautifully decorated. He does not tolerate a bureaucratic spirit, routine procedures, or coarse manners. He is capable of making specific work proceed easily and conveniently. He prefers not to experiment, rather employing proven methods.

He is curious, but when accumulating new information, he takes it critically while same time sensing contradictions and shortcomings. He is persistent in achieving short-term goals, especially in an emergency situation; however, under normal conditions, he lacks commitment and consistency. He is discouraged when his precautions do not work and he has to instead resort to radical measures. He does not overload himself, always finding an opportunity to organize in order to avoid overworking. Bustle and noisy festivities are preferred to quiet company, intellectual conversation, or leisurely retreats in nature.

He needs a reliable friend who happens to be interesting to him. He doesn’t tolerate boring or dull companions. His enthusiasm is less than other subtypes and also extinguished quickly. He brightens up again only when information is presented visually and unconventionally, bringing compelling examples and memorable analogies. His own opinions are expressed only in those cases when he feels his competence in the matter is under discussion. He listens to the council of others, although he typically chooses his own way.

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