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Dominant Subtype

Searcher — Activator

Prototype: Innovative project leader

All of his actions are driven towards distant prospects, with a constant eye on innovation. Like all members of this type, the tendency is to quickly lose interest in any process he initiates, but on a few promising ideas with viable prospects, he will persevere. In vigorous activities, whether business or leisure, he surrounds himself with company. Compliments are given sparingly, preferring material and organizational incentives instead; although in exceptional circumstances, he will shower praise, showing his appreciation. Overall he prefers to reinforce desired behavior through promotion over punishment. He’s a proponent of cohesion and coordination in teamwork and dislikes bureaucracy and insubordination at work.

He is energetic at work and frequently possess organizational skills. He demands that everyone knows their place and engages in concrete work. He is resourceful and clever in practical matters. His work aims are above family or personal relationships in importance. Often taking ideas from others, he quickly finds a use for them and integrates them into his current work. He seeks recognition for his superiority and authority

He’s not afraid to answer the call of a difficult challenge and aggressively search for solutions to a variety of complex problems.

Interrogative in disputes, he tends to ask a lot of questions, especially “why?” He takes into account the opinion of experts when making decisions. He boldly exerts pressure and can even become aggressive when fighting back; he will actively and skillfully defend himself but prefers to avoid direct confrontations. He cannot be intimidated. When panic runs rampant and senior officials or more experienced people are nowhere to be found, he confidently takes the initiative, taking matters into his own hands. He is focused and determined to act quickly and purposefully.

He is an optimist who is always ready for action. He’s not afraid of long-distance travel, adventure, or new places. He’s attracted to activities associated with novelty: the exploration of new areas, and the introduction of new technologies in scientific fields, telecommunications, business startups, and similar projects.

Due to his active nature on one hand and the inability to compromise on the other, it is difficult for him to have stable, conflict- free relationships with people. With company he may try to be the center of attention by telling something unusual from his experiences and dominating while garnering supporters for his ideas. He has a tendency to be the one introducing other points of view, stimulating active discussions. Since he is not always well versed in reading people’s hidden motivations, he can be quite indiscriminate in his contacts. However, in difficult situations, within his personal life, he is easily capable of extricating himself.

Creative Subtype

Searcher — Inventor

Prototype: Eccentric inventor, life-hacker

Not just a thinker, he works with aspirations for the future. He is interested in new, mysterious, or just poorly understood phenomena. His inventive talent is revealed in unusual projects or bold technical solutions. He willingly attracts people to new ventures and prefers to do what is interesting rather than what is profitable. Distracted by interesting details, he often does not have time to execute major projects by the deadline. Therefore, his work is periodically rushed to compensate for missed opportunities.

He cannot tolerate strict regulations and monotonous routine work. He defies authoritarian pressure. In such circumstances, he exacerbates the conflict. He cannot live a sedate and measured life, as ordinary people with routines do. He is quite scattered, leaving things where they were last used. By regularly switching to something new, he forgets what he was going to do at the moment; therefore, maintaining constant order with personal matters is difficult.

He dislikes dealing with issues of everyday life, except when using advanced technology. On matters of aesthetics, he often relies on a partner with taste and generally has little interest in clothing or appearance.

He can easily move from unfamiliar interlocutor to quickly- drawn familiarity when it’s sensed, though he never displays an appropriate smile. When thoughts spring to mind, he cannot wait and has an urge to digress. He needs a listener who is willing to listen to his mind’s freshlyemerging stream of thought. Issues of ethics and subtle emotional cues are perceived as unnecessary, hindering his inventive process. Reproaches can make him lose control, and may cause him to leave, slamming the door as he goes.

He likes to surprise others with sensational news and paradoxical stories. He willingly advises on ways of getting out of difficult situations, often offering the most radical solutions. He appreciates a good sense of humor and knows how to make jokes. He has a surprising combination of shrewdness and naivety, alongside a stream of thought with an infantile egoism.

Normalizing Subtype

Searcher — Examiner

Prototype: Organizer or active participant equipped with instruments for research expeditions

He enjoys topics that provide opportunities to logically analyze, particularly theoretical developments, which can then be put into practice. Initial ideas are turned into elaborate theory or better designs suitable for embodiment in a concrete project. He is a structuralist and classifier who can fill the gaps in general schemes. He will meticulously search for the underlying causes for what is happening around him. This is the most structured and consistent representative of this type. Often well-versed in technique, he can exploit so that things endure and rarely break down.

He is capable of applying himself in areas such as legal investigations, working on committees, technical trials, chemical experiments, writing and debugging software, etc. He searches for causes behind mysterious phenomena, such as the disappearance of ancient civilizations or falling meteorites — also good areas of application for his abilities.

Like other ‘Searcher’ variants, he gets distracted by extraneous things, but in general, he tries to deliver on his promises. Duty and decency are placed above personal ambitions and sentiments, although he protests when this duty is imposed.

He wants his contribution to be noticed and appreciated, but not for vanity. He is attentive to people and seeks to observe conventions even though he sees no particular necessity for them. He attempts to understand the feelings and desires of others in order to maintain smooth relations with all. He is wary of making promises that cannot be fulfilled, since he knows that it will cause discontent and resentment. He is inclined to apologize, explaining the reasons for his unease or unethical behavior.

He is mistrustful in feelings, afraid of seeming ridiculous but honestly speaks about his shortcomings so that no one is misled. He values family and pays a lot of attention to relatives and friends. He is undemanding in subject of food and clothing, yet, for him, it is important that the level of comfort he is accustomed to does not decline.

Harmonizing Subtype

Searcher — Customizer

Prototype: Lucky people who unwittingly fall into dangerous situations, but come out of them minimally affected

He is inclined to have a comfortable and relaxed existence. He has a naive or bewildered appearance. Though able to adapt to unfavorable circumstances, he is, oddly enough, lucky to come out unaffected from unexpected — and sometimes absurd — situations in which all his affairs fall apart.

He is distinguished by a low capacity for work, although he never suffers from inflated demands; therefore, he may do little and never hurries with the implementation of his ideas, since he believes that the main results are ahead. He makes more plans than he actually acts on.

This is the most leisurely paced and relaxed member of this type. He is wary of taking the initiative unless faced with a crisis situation, in which life is spurred into him, stimulating activity. Then he suddenly becomes bold, although inadequate and ridiculous in defending his interests.

He loves cheerful people and is friendly and optimistic. He is able to joke and lift up his spirits, inspiring confidence. In personal relationships, he needs a partner with initiative but who dislikes hasty events. He rarely gives compliments. Absentia, he idealizes people or trendy new methods, but when actually meeting them or trying the method itself, he becomes disillusioned.

He dislikes boring, everyday life and is in need of an emotional jolt, preferring to have fun with friends. Otherwise, he risks falling into depression. He is badly affected by the effects of alcohol and other means of drug abuse such as doping. If interested in such a vice, he eventually stops its use for health reasons. Due to increased suggestibility, he is easily misled or pulled along in adventure.

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