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Dominant Subtype

Analyst — Improver

Prototype: Researcher who optimizes systems to maximize returns

This is the most purposeful representative of this type. She consistently and persistently pursues goals and is committed to working on her goals until they are brought to an end. She is mistrustful of new ideas until she verifies them, and analytical verification is her staunch asset. She is able to bring herself to do uninteresting but necessary work. She is inclined to hold herself to high standards. She keeps track of health as an essential assurance of her working capacity and is often in good shape.

She dislikes having to defend her personal interests, but is able to stand up for herself and her ideas, being stubborn and uncompromising. She abhors subordination, thus rejects being controlled by anyone. She responds to harsh and despicable criticism with the same criticism in return. She projects an aurora of confidence, although this is more a means of hiding her doubts. Resorting to radical means is quite rare; it is only done when other measures are unsuccessful and the situation becomes critical. She believes that when people make choices on their own, they can be asked about those decisions openly. When necessary, she may reprimand others without respect for the other person. She is often impatient and scornful at those who reject her ideas or demonstrate incompetence on serious matters.

She can be fairly harsh and demanding with people she is close to. In a family, she often takes the leading role. She copes well with everyday problems but is poorly versed in how to treat those around her, so she has trouble dealing with the intricacies of informal communications; however, in business matters, she is talkative and engaging, often using humorous, twisting speeches and popular expressions. She needs to have a positive attitude towards her activities. Her initiatives should not be criticized, interfered with or resisted. She is direct and inflexible in behavior, which is why she has an awkward relationship with sensitive and delicate people.

Most of the time, her work or hobbies are beneficial. She is committed to personal mastery. She explores new methods, providing her own advanced techniques. She spends the minimum on things, but prioritizes their functionality. She strives for perfection in all her work and has a pronounced dislike for intrusive advice from incompetent people.

Creative Subtype

Analyst — Autonomist

Prototype: A scholar with an alternative way of thinking and independent behavior

LII acutely senses the prospects of certain ideas or initiatives and is able to present and promote them to a wide range of people. She knows how to discover a person’s individual ability, finding the best application for them. She quickly grasps the essence of unusual phenomena and complex subjects. She is attracted to interdisciplinary questions and complex systems. She cleverly uses comparisons and analogies and develops new ideas for the sake of theory and practical applications.

She is a good speaker, able to succinctly and clearly convey material to the listener. She is passionate in intellectual debates and able to inspire others with her ideas. Her thoughts are focused on the future; the past is recalled rarely or casually. She is well-suited for brainstorming activities. Distant projects are of little interest to her. She’s mostly interested in the foreseeable future, which allows her to visually verify results and realize the ideas on which she is working.

She tends to delve into her inner world by reflecting. She spends a lot of time in deep thought. She is committed to understanding in her own words the maximum amount of information and idiosyncratic knowledge, so her statements are not always clear to others. Sometimes she is inaccurate or uncertain in minute details, given that she is merely interested in the intrinsic ideas and the main direction of development for the projects and not in the specifics. She makes decisions quickly, always seeing the situation holistically or relying on her intuition. Her second guesses tend to be more accurate than the first.

She always tries to add an element of novelty and surprise to her work. She does not like to engage in criticism, preferring to move forward to tackle any shortcomings. She is an opponent of rigid discipline and administration, considering it limits human expression and individual abilities. She is certain that the primary motive in work is not aided by fear or a sense of duty, rather an interest in the case. She seeks to maximize independence, requiring freedom to act, working badly in rigidly constructed systems. She is inefficient in the field of bureaucracy, waiting, for instance, for official clearance.

With a good sense of time, at events and meeting she usually arrives punctually or not at all. Sometimes her behavior is incomprehensible to others, as she may rely on alternative solutions and unexpectedly cease to participate in a project. Changed circumstances or new evidence can dramatically alter her opinion. At heart, she is skeptical and distrustful, but tries not to show it. She tries to envision different scenarios and to ensure against possible errors.

She possesses few friends, limiting her range to colleagues and associates. She is reserved and incommunicable and doesn’t like to discuss her personal life. She remains withdrawn, except in those cases where she is well-versed in the issues being discussed. She prefers to talk about what interests her; extraneous details during a conversation skip past her ears. If the topic does not interest her, she tries to get away from the conversation since she does not wish to waste time.

LII is compliant in matters of everyday life. She monitors her health regularly. Aesthetic appearances are of little interest to her. She dislikes social rituals, although she is compelled to participate in them, as she considers them necessary to maintain social cohesion. She lets others take the lead and knows how to persuade gently but firmly.

Normalizing Subtype

Analyst — Explainer

Prototype: A scholar who knows how to express manifold data with simple models

This subtype possesses good analytical thinking: developed logic, through which she comprehensively covers complex objects. She is able to discern the primary and secondary factors when analyzing material and tends to summarize the facts based on rigorous models, which she has found or developed. She is well-versed in schemes, classifications and structures. Complexities are dealt with simply and effectively. She realistically evaluates the feasibility of undertaking any affair, never losing sight of alternatives.

She is a proponent of discipline and order not rooted in administrative coercion, but rather desire, duty, and a sense of personal responsibility. By nature, she is kind and obliging, but her principles are placed above personal interests and relationships. Quite rarely does she lose her temper. She is domestic and devotes a lot of time to the education of her children.

She leads a quite ordinary life. She can never do several things at once, especially in a hurry. She speaks fairly monotonously; therefore, she isn’t a great speaker. In the interest of business, she can bring herself to ignore personal inconveniences. She is quite appreciative of fairness and reasonable order, even if her opinion is never imposed or even expressed out loud.

She never strives to win sympathy and is indifferent to both praise and criticism. She dislikes intruders and unexpected phone calls. Besides business initiatives, she doesn’t engage in communication with unfamiliar people. Yet she is able to maintain and support existing relationships. She conceals her cluelessness under the guise of her strict routine. She is quite stern with feelings and affections but gets along well with cheerful people who know how to inspire and lift her mood.

Harmonizing Subtype

Analyst — Integrator

Prototype: Scientist with a global vision, conceptualist thinker

This subtype is gentle and jolly. She lacks stable working capacity and easily tires from routine. She needs an emotional release, usually in the form of new experiences and meeting acquaintances. Domestic chores and other mundane things are usually postponed when she is not in the mood. She pays a lot of attention to her health. In treating diseases, she employs non-surgical or non-traditional methods based on good regulations. She is fashionable, having good aesthetic taste. Moreso than other members of her type, she values individual convenience and comfort.

She possesses a special analytical imagination, which helps her build her comprehensive visions and ideological concepts. She looks at life philosophically and foresees danger and hidden threats. When preparing for an important event, her actions are calculated accurately in advance. She is able to plan activities, avoid haste and have everything. She is not likely to be influenced by slogans, appeals or promises to achieve something in a short time.

She possesses a sensitive emotionality, trying to prevent quarrels and misunderstandings. She is attentive to people and tolerant of their weaknesses, as well as other points of view. She is able to listen in conversation and be reassuring. If necessary, she lucidly explains difficult questions as she sees them. She is quite accurate and equable with everyone. She is welcoming and responsive to those with opposing beliefs, being very diplomatic in her affairs. She is able to adapt to people and fears offending them. Therefore, she abstains or gives evasive answers.

She appreciates intellect and creativity in other people most of all. She often has diverse interests in various fields. She willingly responds to a person’s feelings, to which she sympathizes, showing sensitivity and thoughtfulness. With people she is close to, she is affectionate and helpful. She understands that it’s necessary to work constantly to ensure relationships remain stable.

She seeks support from active and strong people who are able to revitalize and support her in business matters. She requires an emotional, optimistic partner who can fuel her unstable vitality with positive energy. When trying to limit her personal freedom, she retreats into herself, stubbornly defending her principles until relationships turn sour, although it is difficult to experience such conditions.

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