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Dominant Subtype

Mediator — Distributor

Prototype: A convenient mediator helping people negotiate

SEI leads an active lifestyle, although physical activity takes away a lot of strength. She is fond of nature and willingly takes on interesting work with enthusiasm, hoping to achieve concrete results with low labor input. She does not easily give up interests until she is satisfied. She systematizes her efforts to overcome obstacles.

She desires to make the world better a place, so she thinks that everything should be in a sensible order, built on the consideration of the interests of each individual. SEI possesses skills in production, distribution of goods, and advertisement. She understands people’s real needs and knows her customers. She is able to become successful in marketing.

She doesn’t take far-reaching initiatives, pursuing very specific shortrange goals instead. SEI has a good sense for knowing whom to contact and getting their business. Being attentive to situations, she may intervene in other people’s conversations. During illness or bad moods she retreats and lies down, waiting out the adversity. Setbacks with time tend to become unworthy of her attention.

SEI passionately defends her ideas and beliefs. She describes events with detail, color, and artistic, active gestures, thereby reinforcing her words by telling a story. She never refuses to participate in comical events. SEI confidently shows her feelings and takes initiative in dealing with the opposite sex, but she can become pretty jealous of her chosen partner and does not forgive betrayal. Her benefits or merits are emphasized when given the appropriate opportunity.

Welcoming to her friends, she loves to have everything beautifully cooked and served. She takes care of guests with high standards, so she spends a lot of energy on holidays. Therefore she does this rarely. SEI is adventurous in matters of comfort and relaxation, including activities involving travel or sporting events. Trying to raise others’ vitality, she pretends to resent their passivity and inactivity. If playful hints do not work, she becomes stern with words in order to get her desired reaction.

SEI often becomes the soul of a small gathering that spends time together, especially if there are many relatives and friends. She knows how to cheer people up with humor, innuendos, and sometimes jokes; if she sees someone starting to get angry, she clarifies what looks like a bad joke to steer the conversation away from conflict.

Due to her sociability and talkative nature, she has many acquaintances, but at heart she is happiest amongst close friends. SEI looks everywhere to find information about recent developments, fashions and hobbies. Where her emotions are, is where she tries to be.

Creative Subtype

Mediator — Composer

Prototype: Pluralists able to unite opposing parties

This subtype knows a lot about a variety of pleasures. She is able to enjoy herself without leaving others behind. She is a lively and inquisitive person who collects a variety of information and shares it willingly with others. She loves debating with others, animating the conversation, but handles aggressive people poorly. She can respond to rudeness with equal rudeness, but then spends a long time away from such stress. She is attentive to the mannerisms and behaviors of other people, assessing their talents and abilities as well as their possible use.

SEI tries to avoid superiors, evading tedious business conversations. Usually, she does not criticize herself, nor does she criticize those around her. She is able to assert her independence while maintaining good relationships with everyone. Generally surprised when someone takes offense at her, she won’t make repeated attempts to get close to such a person. She never tries to change people since she understands the futility of such efforts. Rather, she opts to accept people as they are, integrating different personalities within whatever interesting task she may be part of.

Sometimes overwhelmed by communication, she can become considerably overexcited. As a result of this, she finds herself relying on artificial methods of relaxation, such as drinking. She enjoys feasts, not so much because of the food, but because of the interesting memories and social conversations involved in such occasions.

SEI is never jealous or mistrustful. Sometimes it’s hard to know when she is joking or serious. If she is let down, she may do the same in return. She finds it hard to spend a lot of time at home relaxing, so she may go hiking or try some bohemian activities. She is attracted to unusual people with unique hobbies and seeks intellectual or creative parties where she can talk informally with extraordinary people.

SEI has a pronounced wave-like activity pattern guided by emotional impulse. She either puts all of her effort into something or sits it out, excluding herself. Quickly regaining her strength is not easy. Afterwards, she will wait for a new wave of inspiration, and so on until the next downturn.

Good composers, SEI is able to combine various materials into a single comprehensive product: for example, in coordinating the logistics, supply, packaging and delivery of goods or the provision of complex services. The same characteristic also applies to her ability to unite diverse people in any practical activity, from choir singing to tourism trips. She is also characterised by combining various professional characteristics or places of work.

Normalizing Subtype

Mediator — Rallying

Prototype: A caring parent, the center of the family’s communication

Wherever she is, she is equally friendly and attentive. She is initially wary with strangers, keeping a distance until trust is established in the relationship. SEI avoids cold and arrogant people, preferring to create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere. When agitated, her speech often becomes hurried and vague.

She takes responsibility for whatever she is assigned and easily gets used to order. She copes well with routine chores when she feels they are necessary. At times, in order to separate work from personal relationships, she operates rigorously and strictly. She enjoys artsy things, mostly done with her own hands. In her territory, she tries to have everything organized properly. She strives for autonomy and self-sufficiency, only seeking help in extreme cases.

SEI possesses the gift of calming and soothing those who oppose her. She knows how to be a patient listener, although ironically, she isn’t for the depressed or sorrowful. Often acting as a peacemaker, SEI persuades people to compromise. It is not easy for her to deny requests, so she behaves cautiously, occasionally alienating people; she is afraid of being clung to by people who might abuse her caring nature. It is difficult for her to understand what people expect from her. She tends to negotiate important issues on an informal basis and won’t air her “dirty laundry” in public.

She is very affectionate and needs close relationships with people whose interests and needs fit with her life. She doesn’t quickly bond with new people, but once she does, she is able to maintain strong relationships. She greatly values those people who share her outlook on life. She loves it when the family gets together spontaneously and when there is a common topic of conversation. She appreciates when the young respect their elders.

SEI knows how to persuade someone into particular affairs, but doesn’t always know what business is really profitable or promising. Therefore, she becomes wary of deadlines, which she blames for failures. She hides offenses, so as not to spoil an established relationship and is good at understanding the nuances in others’ emotional states.

She comes to the aid of those in need of personal support, making her well-suited to service and social sectors. She knows how to make concessions and compromises and wants to make life peaceful and enjoyable for all those close to her.

Harmonizing Subtype

Mediator — Resolver

Prototype: Aestheticist living by the rule of the golden mean

This is a person who know how to relax and indulge in the range of sensations, possessing very sensitive tastes. Other people are treated attentively and thoughtfully, especially her loved ones. This is her speciality, though she does show obvious displeasure when she lose her sense of peace. At such moments she can he quite indignant and harsh. Normally she is always soft and charming in every way, preserving her peace of mind and harmony with the surrounding world. SEI dislikes drawing attention to her troubles and failures. When in need of assistance, she resorts only to those close to her or to knowledgeable experts. By nature, she is secretive and vulnerable, trying not to burden her friends because she knows how unpleasant it is. She never demands attention if she feels it is not warranted. However, she will respond to others’ calls for help.

She loves nature and beauty in its natural manifestation, having a good visual memory to paint from, as well as tastes and tactile sensations. SEI acutely experiences situations minute-by-minute. She expresses her subtle perception of the world in products made by her own hands. Everything she does is done by the heart, with taste. She doesn’t dress in flashy attire and isn’t into trends, preferring only clothes which are hers by style and taste. She loves a variety of original jewelry and accessories, such as watches that blend with her clothes. She pays a lot of attention to the issues of eveiyday life. The best professions for her abilities are in areas such as painting, decorating, designing, etc.

SEI won’t compete or force others to do anything against their will. Therefore she is not interested in leadership careers. At times she may give the impression of a passive or inert person. This is due to the fact that she sees no point in needless fussing and wasting effort. Thanks to this trait, she occasionally has a reputation as a talented bum, going through life contemplatively and endlessly waiting.

She draws her inspiration from nature as the source of harmc and life, but not the type of nature that is an arena of obstacles c. survival challenges that must be overcome — the desert, or conversely, a dense forest or jungle — but rather as a harmonious connection of the elements of air, water, and land.

SEI is realistic in her judgments and assessments. She critically evaluates information: she dislikes exaggerations and draws attention only to the facts and evidence. A sense of harmony and proportion is never lost. She takes her time carefully selecting everyday objects or people that expect to get close to her.

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