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Dominant Subtype

Lyrist — Mocker

Prototypes: Those who mock the shortcomings of an existing system

Distinguished by impulsivity, this subtype is prompt in her actions. She suddenly initiates work, then gets distracted by something else, though after a while she returns to her task. She’s internally restless and inconsistent in her desires. She can have sudden mood swings — from laughter to tears and vice versa. Passionately arguing her ideas, she takes advice only when she’s calm and then follows it only until her next emotional outburst.

She loves to talk about a variety of unusual events or emerging developments. Sensing danger, her anxious mood spreads. At the same time, she doesn’t lose faith in winning. She may even reassure the discouraged, giving them an emotional boost. She closely associates moral anguish with physical suffering.

She never backs down when faced with sudden aggression or tension. In extreme situations, she inspires admiration or surprises others with her fearlessness in the face of danger. She never gives in to forceful pressure and is able to stand her ground.

She has tendencies towards practicality and thriftiness, but a regular working rhythm is something she cannot sustain for a prolonged time. Sometimes wasteful and uneconomical, under a rush of emotions, she may indulge in superfluous purchases. She looks down upon people who are miserly or greedy with small things.

She is often ironic and sarcastic, and even prefers to present unpleasant things jokingly, with a smile. Quite in need of praise and encouragement, she is sensitive when her work is criticized but also takes offense if her efforts go unnoticed. She seeks to lead in personal relationships.

Creative Subtype

Lyrist — Excited

Prototype: Admirer of rare phenomena or unusual behaviors able to reflect and direct their feelings into creative products

This subtype is emotional, charming, and sociable. She easily and naturally makes contact with people, although it is difficult for her to keep herself constantly in high spirits. Her gifts are spontaneity, sincerity, and cordiality. Figuratively, and with subtle humor, she talks about her experiences and what she has seen. She knows how to lighten the mood around her, discussing unusual situations and stories.

She does not tolerate routine and monotony well, and she dislikes stereotypical expectations and strict rules. She cannot submit to regulations and instructions and is prone to impromptu and improvised actions. She chooses an opportune moment to suddenly attract attention. She willingly gives compliments, especially to those considered authorities. Her requests are laid out in such a manner that makes it difficult to refuse.

Well-versed in the feelings and moods of people, she is able to find an individual approach for each person. Using her ability to inspire confidence, she forges useful contacts to achieve her goals and finds the most appropriate players available. It happens that successes occur in those instances where she is motivated by a strong desire and favorable circumstances.

She permits an “artistic” mess in her apartment or workplace. She hardly considers economical and sober approaches to her affairs, yet in extreme situations she can be quite adventurous.

She is graceful and gentle in motion and strives to express herself through clothes, but she won’t cross the line separating originality from vulgarity. She demonstrates sophistication in her specific manner of communication, from which she draws the attention of others.

Normalizing Subtype

Lyrist — Reconciler

Prototype: A mediator between parties on the same team with conflicting interests

Sensitive and attentive to people, she is able to maintain friendly relations. She can be relied upon. She exhibits a tolerant attitude to other people’s shortcomings and weaknesses. She finds it difficult to create or deal with conflict. In disputes, her focus is not on differences but rather on unifying points, aiming to reconcile. She hopes that her kindness and dedication will eventually be rewarded.

She is fairly apprehensive and is prone to doubt and fluctuations when making important decisions; therefore, she’s in need of moral and physical support. She needs to be involved in matters with clear objectives in front of her. She completes assignments responsibly. She respects strong, influential people who confidently explain their position and give specific instructions. In work, she tends to lose a sense of reality, and is distracted by trifles she never has time to complete within a set period due to more important things.

Owing to distractions, she sometimes forgets to fulfill promises, but is then eager to make amends. For the sake of maintaining good relationships with family and fulfilling the requirements of her position, she tries to develop business skills and carry out family responsibilities. She is quite organized and thorough in everyday life.

She will not impose her own feelings if they are not reciprocated; however, relationships that have run their course aren’t severed immediately, as she becomes accustomed to people. She is able to wait patiently, coaxing them to start all over again. She may endure severe hardships for the sake of her ideals or present feelings.

Harmonizing Subtype

Lyrist — Dreamer

Prototypes: Naive optimistic dreamers, such as Manilov of Dead Souls by Ukrainian playwright Nikolai Gogol

The harmonizing subtype is soft and considerate. She has a soulful, poetic personality, and at heart is a dreamer and romanticist. She possesses a sophisticated view of the world and is willing to share her views and concerns with others. She seeks understanding, empathy and support.

Highly developed in feelings, she worries about dangerous courses of events, and gradually applies contingencies accordingly. She dislikes hurry and bustle, believing that fate is predestined. Despite noticing all the imperfections of the world, she believes good will always triumph over evil and the future will be bright.

She is generally interested in philosophical and mystical arts, literature, history, and unconventional religions. She possesses a good imaginative memory and is a well-mannered communicator.

She dresses tastefully and is elegant in presentation, even when negligent of her own appearance. She cares about the health of her loved ones and others. She adapts well to difficult living conditions and knows how to relax even in a tense situation.

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