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Dominant Subtype

Inspector — Demander

Prototypes: Secretive, non-fussy oligarchs who prefer to distance themselves from publicity; major generals; historically, the creators of centralized states; general architects

This subtype is quite tough and competent. She is a persistent goal achiever and good organizer. Demanding of her subordinates, she is incapable of tolerating any slacking or irresponsible behavior. It is virtually impossible to change her mind, let alone deeply held convictions.

Although she is inflexible when dealing with people, she fails to consider individual abilities. She won’t tolerate objections to her methods of working. If challenged, she will impose her will. She respects formal education and fundamental knowledge and prefers to put knowledge into practice.

She knows how to defend business interests in various scenarios, consistently and persistently overcoming obstacles. She is always confident in the validity of her views, given their basis on facts and personal experience. She confronts challenges when they appear. Somewhat suspicious, she often explains her failures as enemies’ machinations.

A sober realist who knows how to find ways out of difficult situations, she is stoic, overcoming any difficulty without complaining. She hides her feelings, whether it’s hunger, fear, or pain. She tries not to encumber others and requests the aid of friends and family only in extreme circumstances.

LSI distrusts superficial and frivolous people. Poorly versed in the intricacies of relationships, she prefers to have her partner direct and manage interpersonal matters. She feels entitled to make decisions for two, requiring full devotion from her partner.

Creative Subtype

Inspector — Rescuer

Prototypes: Firefighters and emergency services staff, lone inventors who create complex mechanisms from improvised materials, competent instructors of complex activities

This subtype is inclined to humor people, knowing how to improvise, give compliments and entertain publicly. She is able to captivate listeners by providing exciting information with humor and an emotive manner; however, when she falls into disputes, she can become violent and aggressive. Her playful threats can escalate into real action.

She is able to exert pressure on others in the interests of business, forcing them to work on a task while at the same time resorting to authoritarian methods. Greatly mobilized in dire situations, she shows a natural wit and ingenuity. She possesses the qualities of a rescuer in an emergency.

She is curious and loves books and other sources of information, which she accumulates if deemed useful. She shows interest in a wide range of topics and is fascinated by technical novelties, as well as humanitarian ones, such as psychological methods for personal growth.

She is a master of practical training. She dislikes long explanations for what she views as simple facts. Often an inventor, she may collect parts in her yard for original constructions and creations.

This LSI ardently resists any attempt to subjugate her to any rules. She is pretty clever and cunning, resorting to little tricks as well as complex ones. She may overlook others. Not all she does is what has been promised.

She makes a fierce defense against encroachments on her territory. She cannot tolerate people touching her things. If her arguments are ignored, she can easily lose her cool. She estimates work output based on the difficulties she has previously experienced in the course of implementation.

She reflects on psychological problems a lot and is eagerly interested in the relations between people, even though her personal life says little. She needs a periodic emotional discharge to release internal stress. She is inclined to provoke others in various ways in order to determine their true attitudes.

This subtype takes good care of the ladies (men) or gladly accepts courtship (women). Despite her sociability and curiosity, breaks must be taken from communication, and she avoids useless amusement. When alone, her high spirits are nonexistent.

Normalizing Subtype

Inspector — Reliable

Prototypes: Exemplary executors, fair officials, humanistic actors, teachers able to work with difficult teenagers, news presenters

This subtype of LSI is a reliable and meticulous executor. She is a systematic person with a highly-developed sense of duty. She loves all that is accurate and concrete, trusting only official or trusted sources of information. She is an excellent researcher, narrowing down issues and delving into all the details.

LSI accurately documents processes and events and likes to clarify the facts. She informs those who turn to her for advice of any regulations and laws, which she is usually well aware of. She loves learning and organizing knowledge. She thoroughly applies theory.

She tries to be appropriate and reasonable, never going to extremes. She won’t push people away, even though she gets tired of talking to them. She’s attentive to the elderly and sick and often has the appearance of a polite and intelligent person. She is good at coping with solitude.

She’s secretive, never sharing her feelings with strangers, but is inwardly sentimental. She often has a penchant for literature, poetry or music.

This LSI is law-abiding. As an administrator, she competently maintains systems that are already in existence. Instilling discipline and order, however, is not easy for her. She always feels uneasy if something is not done. She puts business above her mood and personal interests. At work, she adheres strictly to the chain of command, handling herself formally and unassailably. The principle meaning of life is seen in work and duty.

She prepares for everything in advance and dislikes impromptu or more hectic activity. She is afraid of sudden change and instability. This subtype is fairly conflicted at heart and prone to doubt, but keeps herself together and won’t allow these swings to undermine her inner stability. She will not ever get ahead of herself by rushing things, and instead waits patiently for the results of her labor. At home, she is modest, unpretentious, and loves simple work in the country.

Harmonizing Subtype

Inspector — Selector

Prototypes: Farmers, beekeepers, antique collectors, museum workers, master restorers, landscape painters, the unfortunate statesman who lacks an inclination toward drastic measures

In communication, this subtype is an attentive and friendly conversationalist, able to listen patiently and give good advice. She empathizes with others during difficult moments, showing attention and sympathy. She is able to provide small services and is very courteous and kind. She gives the impression of a smile. When engaged in casual conversations within her inner circle, she is inclined to joke and display her abilities, although with large groups in public, she may get confused or stop, becoming distracted and unintelligible.

She loves family, children, and kinship ties. She is caring, especially when she is in a good mood and nothing is bothering her. However, she does not always maintain good stable relations, owing to irritability and the tendency to impose her views and judgements. She is often irritable and dissatisfied with everything around.

This LSI gravitates toward a comfortable life. She is demanding and picky with food, eating only what she is accustomed to or what she thinks is good. She has distinguished aesthetics in daily life and in her clothing, keeping track of cleanliness (especially hygiene, as she is squeamish and often takes a shower), as opposed to maintaining strict order.

She rarely uses procedures but carefully keeps things in order, freeing up space. She is good at making things by hand and provides everything necessary for the home. She seeks comfort, prosperity, and material acquisitions.

Due to her contradictory nature, she seems unpredictable to those around her. At the very last minute, she’ll change her plans and is inclined to be late. At the same time, interpersonal confrontation quickly tires her, so she seeks compromises. Internally she is sensitive by nature. She will verbally agree with a person, but then do everything her own way. She suffers from depressive states and is prone to sentimentality, sometimes even tearfulness.

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