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Dominant Subtype

Marshall — Promoter

Prototype: Stern commander

This subtype is a strong-willed, determined, goal-oriented person who is aggressively ambitious and demanding. Being energetic and active, he grows up developing uncommon ways of doing things. He achieves his goals by any means possible and is able to make enormous sacrifices in resources for his cause.

He operates both directly and through intermediaries. He knows how to manage people, imposing his will on weaker parties, or offering favorable conditions where possible. He is quite proud, but sensitive, although he tries to conceal this. Considering it a weakness, it is unthinkable for him. In anger, he is insensitive to other people’s shortcomings.

He is a natural leader, though failing to overcome obstacles lowers his vitality. Configured for achieving realistic targets, as flexible a tactician, he is able to adapt to the process. He never hesitates taking risks, weighing chances of success on the fly. He will not rest till his targets are reached.

He dislikes indecisive people who evade bold action. He rejects advice, preferring to make all decisions on his own. He can listen while conversing, but has to have the last word. Bureaucrats are intolerable to him. When under pressure, his resistance is even stronger.

Creative Subtype

Marshal — Attacker

Prototype: A warrior or brave fighter

The creative subtype is active and volatile, boldly attacking in combat situations. He has a desire for freedom to fight, passion, and victory. Instantly adapting to dynamic circumstances, he is always ready for action. He seeks recognition for his work and is proud of his successes and achievements.

He is perceptive, witty, and possesses a critical mind. He knows how to give a brief and succinct description of a person, and if necessary, how to entertain strangers. He actively promotes his interests and hectic endeavors. At the same time, he has a good sense of humor.

For objectionable people, he may create a hostile environment, but for loved ones, he tries to provide comfort and welfare, showing care and attention. He respects influential and authoritative people. He aims to protect the weak and defenseless. Trust in others can be severed without regret, as he has no fear of becoming a renegade. In the interest of business, he demonstrates diplomatic skills such as courtesy and helpfulness.

In personal relationships, he will have a hard time if forced to adjust to his partner. He is very uncompromising and independent. Self-reliance is of the utmost importance to him. His actions are often unpredictable and dependent on mood swings; it is best to vacate his personal space when he succumbs to rage and anger. His quests often exceed his available options. He responds to present situations promptly, though he is badly prepared for long-term projects and distant prospects.

With his willpower, he can suppress surging emotions, though he experiences some difficulties expressing shades of emotion. Monotony quickly tires him, which is why he likes playing psychological games with his partner.

Normalizing Subtype

Marshall — Withstander

Prototypes: Athlete, confident economist

This subtype maintains composure and won’t lose equanimity under any circumstance. The inability to prove his strength triggers frustration. He doesn’t enjoy leaving his comfort zone to be in front of strangers.

He maintains his bravado, hiding his unease when in unfamiliar territory. He is discreet and polite when in public. A rational man, he deals with matters judiciously and impartially.

He prefers to talk about what he is competent at. He is confident with only official or trusted sources of information. He is interested in laws and regulations and competently handles documentation. When consulted for advice, he delves into the details of the matter, giving concrete answers. He won’t persuade strictly by arguments, but also relies on facts. He hardly finds words in speech; he is not very expressive in conversation.

He is easy to talk to, and when talking to strangers, he uses indirect questions to determine where he stands in society along with his connections and opportunities. He seeks firm ground to form relationships on, both when dealing with business and solving collective problems. He likes to do big things, with everything carefully weighed and concrete plans for action in place.

This SLE is a sturdy worker who is consistent and practical in business. He provides services, organizes people, and handles obligations and subordinates accordingly. His plans and results do not always reflect each other, as surprises which cannot be taken into account in advance tend to arise.

He prides himself on self-reliance and will even undertake temporary employment if necessary. He will not waiver under pressure from someone else. He is able to withstand heavy weight loads. He is effective in the sport as a weightlifter and is good at physical activities in general. He requires simple, but high-calorie foods. He is inclined to accumulate wealth, especially in real estate.

Harmonizing Subtype

Marshal — Schemer

Prototypes: Human resources representative, strategic planner, overseer of business mergers

He is prudent and foreseeing. He can sense threats, but hopes they won’t come to fruition. He is quite secretive and dislikes having people look into his personality. He is able to evade intrusive conversations, but will display insolence if necessary.

He devotes himself to the right people, showing care by serving them. He will organize avenues for collective work to prove his competence.

He considers himself a strategist and works out different solutions, finding ways out of sticky situations. He is able to wait for the right moment, but, the fear of risk-taking can cause him to miss opportunities. While showing kindness to others and being friendly, he requires unanimity and solidarity.

At heart, he is quite superstitious and suspicious. Periodically, he finds himself in pessimistic and melancholy states, trying to figure himself out. In moments of despair, compassion, understanding, sympathy, and consolation are what he needs, though he could never pour his heart out to everyone.

He tries to maintain the upper hand over his enemy through maneuvers and proactive action, never directly fighting. He deals with the struggles of life through ignoring anything that hampers his efforts.

He is afraid of opening up for fear of becoming dependent on people who sympathize with him; however, with a change of environment, his emotions can follow through. He is flexible with matters regarding friends or leisure and entertainment. He requires steady support from close friends and family; he needs a place of solace. He will neither deny himself gourmet food nor pleasure.

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