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Dominant Subtype

Humanist — Consistent

Prototype: Volunteer for a charitable organization

Dominant EII persistently achieves assigned goals that are usually socially beneficial in character and without links to personal enrichment. She is never deterred by the inherent difficulties on the long road. Her strength is in the motivation that her actions are not for herself but for other people. She respects intelligent and highly- motivated individuals who are willing to support her initiatives, helping with advice and actions. She can become a faithful steward for her affairs.

She is quite appreciative of personal initiative in learning, and attends various courses and classes which expand her horizon. Dominant EII is committed to personal growth, not just in knowledge, but also within herself. She tries to convey to others the meaning of her actions. She enjoys talking about her hobbies, valuing an intellectual atmosphere in conversation.

This subtype encounters numerous misunderstandings in life with regards to her choice of goals and dedications, which are devoted to unpragmatic pursuits and hobbies. She occasionally meets conflicts in this regard. Sometimes she has trouble developing mutual relationships, given that she is regarded as eccentric or detached from reality. She may even decide to stop trying to lift people from dull and boring lives into something more sublime; then again, she may make a U-turn on it.

She fears infirmities and illnesses that could put her at the mercy of others; therefore, she tries to follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid bad habits. Dominant EII circulates her beliefs amongst those surrounding her, reinforcing her word by personal example.

Distinguished by enterprise, she is unafraid of taking risks for the sake of noble ideas or a better future. She attempts to bring happiness to other people’s lives, but instead is often faced with the opposite effect — people become more aware of their own unhappiness.

She can succeed in a specific profession where there is an actual human response, or where she is organizing people for training or charity. She is well suited to being a staunch supporter or follower of any doctrine or humanitarian practice. Despite her modesty, she has plenty of contacts. She doesn’t handle loneliness well and needs the attention of loved ones. EII is trusting and sincere more than regretful, even when she is not believed or her kindness is abused. She loves pleasing others with gifts and services and doesn’t require gratitude to be reciprocated.

Creative Subtype

Humanist — Nurturer

Prototype: Someone who find the means to realize herself in spite of the circumstances

Creative EII is inquisitive and interested in moral and philosophical issues such as the fate of humanity in a hostile society. She tries to understand the essence of various things, envisioning her own picture of the world. She is well-versed in prospects of collective affairs and the capabilities of its members. She often chooses flexible, creative professions, preferring activities that allow her to communicate with a small group. Although able to allocate her time, she lacks the perseverance and willpower to complete all of her activities by a designated time; unpleasant things or uninteresting responsibilities might be postponed. Her unfettered imagination leads to spontaneous actions, which often surprise her friends. Thus she opens people’s abilities, inspiring confidence and motivating them to do better. Sometimes she just wants to prove that she is capable of daring deeds solely on the principle of satisfying curiosity.

She dislikes everyday hurry and bustle: it distracts her from the reflection she needs in order to think through the lot of ideas and insights that spring to her mind every now and then. In extreme situations, she gets excited and quickly responds to work, focusing her attention on the essentials. She tries to switch between different tasks, but this is difficult for her.

Characterized by intractability when making impositions, she respects and allows freedom of expression; she does not want to limit her own or others’ rights. Creative EII demonstrates her principles and tacit stubbornness when defending her interests. She endures the winds of fate. Life’s turmoil and frustrations harden her. She allows others to clearly realize their purpose.

Compliments in the presence of outsiders are perceived with confusion and disbelief: she does not need verbal confirmation of feelings and abilities. She has pedagogical inclinations that allow her to teach classes with great interest. She encourages being educated, both in discussions and by bold deeds. Her experience shows that only in collective affairs are interests formed productively and sustainably. She is able to make friends and cooperate with her students on equal terms, which she very much appreciates.

Normalizing Subtype

Humanist — Conscientious

Prototypes: Tolerant and obedient parishioner, the fairytale character Cinderella

Normalizing EII delves into the relationships between people. She has difficulty tolerating interpersonal conflicts and misunderstandings, and attempts to objectively understand a situation and explain to each of the disputing parties what they’ve done wrong. She is quite unwavering in her loyalties. She truly loves those with whom she shares a close bond and is willing to make serious sacrifices for them. Responsive and attentive to people, EII tries to give them real help. She only shows active participation and genuinely enjoys herself.

Normalizing EII is impressionable and vulnerable. Due to her sense of justice, sometimes she reprimands the guilty with severity but cannot maintain this for a long time. She loves little children, but in educational matters is capable of demonstrating strictness and integrity. For those she deems worthy, she will sacrifice her time and interests.

Selfless and responsive, she tries to please others by making them gifts and providing a variety of services. Since she is inclined to take everything to heart and may worry even for minor reasons, she needs an optimistic and energetic partner who can appreciate what she does, protecting her from unnecessary affairs and inspiring confidence.

Distinguished by her modesty, normalizing EII does not want to burden others. She studies and works well, without fanfare or publicity, as she dislikes attention being drawn to her. On one hand, she gets tired of people, but at the same time, they are the problem of interest. She tries to comfort others, offering explanations or good advice. If this does not work, she is able to wait patiently until she can calm the person. When bringing people together, she prefers situations or events to be prepared in advance. If she has promised something, she will not waste effort or time fulfilling her promise. She takes painstaking care in her work, but tends to get bogged down by the details and often overworks herself. She is a conscientious worker. Punctual and good at keeping time, she knows when to leave so as not to be late. Normalizing EII gets depressed if she fails to complete the work she has been entrusted with.

She works tirelessly to create comfort and order around her, even though the outcome is rarely impressive. She can never rest when people around her are busy. She often underestimates the quantity and quality of her work and downplays her achievements because she suffers from low self-esteem. She worries about the well-being of her group. This EII belongs to the type of people who are almost impossible to bribe.

Harmonizing Subtype

Humanist — Empath

Prototype: Psychotherapist working with children’s trauma and other complexes

Harmonizing EII appreciates mutual understanding and tolerance, owing to her ability to compromise for the sake of keeping peace and harmony. She accepts people as they are, forgiving their weaknesses and not trying to change them. She rarely voices disapproval and instead waits for people to become aware of their guilt.

She is able to sense the underlying nature of the human soul, often noticing changes in people’s thoughts and emotions long before the person sees this themselves. Thanks to this, she is well-versed in understanding complicated situations. She readily assists others, since she understands the degree to which change must be made in order to maintain stable relationships. She helps a person in making difficult choices as unobtrusively as possible.

Harmonizing EII knows how to interpret dreams, understanding the meaning of children’s fears and feelings. She is gifted with a good memory about past events. Moonlighting — or taking too many jobs at once — is not good for her, as things will not be presented and done neatly. She ensures that exterior and interior aesthetics are taken into account. Fearful of domestic discomfort, she listens to the advice of competent and experienced people in these regards.

It is quite difficult to gain entry into harmonizing Ell’s spiritual world: she will not share her secrets if there is the even slightest doubt of one’s integrity. She often finds herself critical of capricious people who cannot appreciate what they have now — their health, loved ones, an established way of life, etc.

Characterised by indecision and self-doubt, EII is overwhelmed by doubt and anxiety about the consequences of actions. She has little initiative behaviorally, including within personal relationships.

She dresses modestly so as not to stand out. This EII dreams of being in harmony with a partner, sharing tastes, attitudes, and hobbies; however, at heart she is aware that this is hardly feasible. She is critical of her own appearance and volitional qualities. Remarks by strangers on this subject can be veiy hurtful to her due to her inferiority complex.

Harmonizing EII cherishes inner peace, although she performs her natural mission of empathizing with other people’s suffering and adjusting the psychological atmosphere. She is strained by the conflicts between members of a team she might be on, which may lead her to lie in order to distance herself — saying, for example, that she was ill with a stomach ulcer or vision problems, etc. Addressing contradictions between her desires and the needs of the outer world lead EII to ever-greater introspection and aversion from the world.

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