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Dominant Subtype

Advisor — Enthralling

Prototype: Coach (personal trainer)

Above all, dominant IEE aims to encourage, inspire, and instill faith in success. He calls for proactive, decisive action. He is not shy and boldly defends his point of view and interests. He is capable of overcoming obstacles, unless his desire and passion has been extinguished. In important matters, he exhibits considerable persistence, though he lacks the perseverance to do everything carefully and accurately. Dominant IEE needs to constantly switch activities and communicate with a variety of people.

He is confident when making major decisions; if his decisions are adopted or implemented, he will not fundamentally change. He strives to meet his obligations, but sometimes his words are not kept, as he is scattered. He’s not vindictive, but having given up on a person, he will easily expel them from his life. He possesses a holistic approach to solving problems. Challenges in life do not scare him, but rather lure him in.

With distinguished foresight, he can intuitively sense the prospects of development for projects. Therefore, he never abandons them, despite difficulties; eventually, as a rule, the desired results are achieved. Having started many things, he lacks the strength and desire to bring everything to completion. When the fatigue passes, his interest revives and he returns to his work again.

Dominant IEE is quite adventurous and willingly meets new people. He is inclined towards risky adventures, which raises his vitality. Success comes to him unexpectedly at the last minute when it would seem as though all chances of success are lost. Believing in luck even in the most improbable circumstances, he shows courage and determination and is able to psychologically overwhelm his enemy.

Sometimes overly trusting of people, he can sometimes talk too much. He considers secrecy a barrier to trust, and because of this, he is not afraid of revealing his own feelings. He loves to win the hearts of people, but not usually anything beyond that; IEE quickly becomes disillusioned with the objects of his sympathy. He is impulsive, extravagant, always visible, and interesting to those surrounding him.

Dominant IEE is highly dependent on his mood, which affects his relationships with loved ones. He dislikes being questioned about his ability, judgement, and business acumen. He cannot always distinguish the important from secondary details, which is why he sometimes spends his effort in vain. He doesn’t distinguish frugality and thrift and has a negative attitude toward stinginess in people. He loves bright, beautiful things such as catchy and original clothes.

Creative Subtype

Advisor — Perceptive

Prototypes: Reporter, media recruiter

Creative IEE is well-versed in the abilities of people. He is excellent at intuitively sensing their secret motivations. At a first glance, he can randomly place special importance on words and actions that hint at the nature and habits of the people he’s conversing with. It makes no sense to pretend to be something you’re not around him. This is surprising to others: that his insights — both his assessments of people and his understanding of the meanings behind events — are often predicted correctly.

He needs an influx of new impressions on a regular basis, or else his vitality will be lowered. He reaches out to talented and outstanding people, and he is interested in anything unusual and mysterious. When carried away by any idea, he eagerly advertises it, becoming an active advocate for it. Creative IEE loves to talk about anything unusual and sensational in order to impress others.

He knows how to approach almost every person he encounters. Artistically, he feels which direction to take. Charming and diplomatic, he willingly compliments people with a sincere desire to lift their spirits. Creative IEE makes light of shortcomings, pointing them out jokingly so as to avoid offending anyone. He talks about his troubles with humor, which is why some may see him as frivolous. Due to his desire to maintain good relations with everyone, he sometimes overloads himself with unnecessary contacts.

He is inclined to periodically change jobs or hobbies in order to test himself in new activities. He often hesitates in making important decisions, since he hasn’t fully delved into the details of the issue and is not always confident in his business capabilities; however, in extreme situations, he becomes resolute and calculative. At such times, he may seem overconfident to others. The decisions he makes are often perceived as subjective and not thought out.

Creative IEE finds it difficult to prepare for anything in advance, preferring impromptu and improvisational decisions. Often impulsive and unpredictable in his actions, he poorly allocates actions across a period of time. He can be late because of this, but he is not badly affected by other people’s delays. He exhibits resourcefulness in dealing with everyday problems.

He defends his views enthusiastically and is an opponent of hierarchy and bureaucracy. He hates regulation and strict rules that hamper his freedom. For the same reason, it is difficult for him to do painstaking work, such as record-keeping and documentation. He doesn’t accept lavish ceremony, conventions or stereotypical judgments, except for the ones he shares.

Creative IEE tries not to make promises without assurance that he can deliver. At the same time, he may do more than is expected of him. He dislikes being indebted, asking for help, or being a nuisance or begging. If he isn’t appreciated, he may become irascible, and at times even rude.

Normalizing Subtype

Advisor — Acquainter

Prototypes: Dating services, specialist personnel selector

Normalizing IEE prefers contact with like-minded people and meticulously selects associates according to their abilities. He gradually creates a small circle of people based on common interests and shared values.

He is able to work on consolidating small groups into medium sized teams, which consist of several smaller ones. He possesses a sense of the distance between people in relationships, which is seen as the attraction or repulsion between people.

Initially he is inclined to idealize people and relationships and exaggerate their merits or flaws; however, over time, he begins to realize that it is not necessary to drift away from reality and corrects himself. Black and white judgements are replaced by numerous shades of grey. Normalizing IEE may excel in psychotherapy and family counseling where the main objective is the right attitude towards people, taking into account individual characteristics.

This subtype is a relatively well-mannered person. He strives to be wellmannered constantly in his looks, as well as orderly in his home and workplace. He’s good at referencing well-constructed theories and systems, valuing information presented in a clear and memorable way. If this isn’t the case, then he builds such systems himself. However, it turns out quite clumsy and overloaded with unnecessary elements.

He overlooks human weaknesses. He is able to voice appropriately the unspoken wants people may have. When communicating with someone close to him, he works on building motivation and ways of strengthening interpersonal relationships. If he is with someone highly experienced, even if it is an outsider, he is able to respectfully integrate them.

He loves and knows how to make gifts and surprises for loved ones. This is his way of expressing love and his means of strengthening relationships. He finds many other everyday ways and tricks to support his favored network of relationships, be it at home or in a group, which he considers his own.

Harmonizing Subtype

Advisor — Transformer

Prototype: Writer or director of psychological comedies

All of harmonizing IEE’s time is spent pondering, trying to understand various phenomena. He remembers experiences before details. At the same time, he knows how to learn from his mistakes as lessons for the future. He is self-critical, but at the same time finds this criticism painful. Nevertheless, the world surrounding him is seen not so much as a drama, but rather like a comedy.

He sometimes inherently feels like he has violated his integrity or disharmonized his inner world and then tries to restore this integrity to be at peace with himself. He is also at risk of detaching his inner visions from reality. For him, this is a painful problem, given his dependency on the influx of impressions from the outside world.

Harmonizing subtype is the most thoughtful amongst the others subtypes, even though people do not immediately notice this. He often seems to be surrounded by frivolity. He has a craving for challenging tasks, especially confusing human situations. He spends a long time studying, comprehensively covering the possibilities; however, he’s not always sure he can explain in the language of logic.

Impressionable and responsive, harmonizing IEE is an empathetic person who likes to offer helpful advice to people in difficult life situations. He always sees several solutions to a problem and tries to give them to others. He is constantly prepared for deviations from the expected course of events. Since he anticipates probable danger, he never gets too upset by setbacks. He loves talking about fascinating, unusual topics in the company of friends.

This subtype is selective with contacts. He won’t become acquainted with simply anyone. He seeks only thoughtful or necessary conversations. He knows how to understand complex pieces of information, procedures, and technologies, and presents such understanding in his own way. He’s a good trainer, as well as teacher, but only for a selected audience or individual. To assimilate information, he needs to skim through everything. Normalizing IEE alters information so that it is presented clearly and at the same time in a novel and unexpected way.

He doesn’t handle loneliness as well as large crowds. When overloaded by work, he needs a pause, a distraction. He is quite appreciative of comfort and has a good sense of smell.

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