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Dominant Subtype

Administrator — Driver

Prototypes: Supervisors, community leaders, heads of local associations

Dominant LSE is a good organizer (but only on projects with clear deadlines and no bureaucratic overhead). He quickly adapts to dynamic environments and is able to bring goals to completion. He is decisive and energetic. He’s not concerned with lengthy analyses of situations, but will not lose sight of the strategic objective behind current tasks. A solid individual, he knows for sure what he wants, where to go and how to acquire it. He is characterised by an extraordinarily high work ethic.

Susceptible to the pressure of time, he feels bound by rigid deadlines. Unlike leisurely people, he prefers to move forward quickly, taking a challenge without hesitation. Dominant LSE values time and never tolerates wasting it in vain. He gets very nervous when people are late. He’s orientated towards a competitive spirit, but not in competitions where winning something means losing something else.

Possessing great endurance, he constantly patrols the territory he supervises, striving to be everywhere at once and to monitor everything. He presents information in a concise and direct manner and demands clear, unambiguous answers from others as well.

People’s actions are evaluated in terms of their benefits and detriments. Most of all, he values reliability and solidity both in people as well as in materials. He believes that planned systems are more effective, compared to systems formed under market force conditions.

He respects competent people who are highly qualified, and abhors windbags who do not follow through with their words in any affairs. He strives for greatness through his work ethic, and is often a model example for it. Power, position, and authority are only respected if earned or deserved. Sometimes, he is overly harsh in his critical assessments. Dominant LSE condemns people who he believes are lazy; he cannot tolerate work dodgers.

He gets irritated when there are urgent requests or things that distract him from his work. If his work is criticized by incompetent people, he may flare up or even lose it. Lacking in diplomacy within relationships, he is a person with strong convictions who openly express them. He doesn’t like admitting his mistakes or making compromises.

Dominant LSE is a great debater. He wonders, if given specific and clear arguments, how anyone can disagree with him. His humor is rude and often includes things that deviate from the accepted norms or usual traditions. He avoids making compliments and praising good work, considering that to be the norm. His relationships with others are formed not through words but rather by deeds. He finds it difficult to express subtle feelings.

He’s not inclined to talk about entertainment. A supporter of a strict but caring upbringing, he is often very demanding of his loved ones. He believes in an honest relationship, but doesn’t understand the feelings of others very well and is afraid of being cheated. He prefers a bird in the hand to a pie in the sky. He abhors flattery.

Creative Subtype

Administrator — Supporter

Prototypes: Broad specialists, head consolidators

Creative LSE is a venturesome, engaging person. He defends his interests with great passion, regardless of who is in authority. He enjoys making numerous things with his hands, mastering all new skills. Impulsive and impetuous in behavior, he grows quite weary of waiting and uncertainty in situations. He energetically implements his projects. Overestimating his capabilities, he often overloads himself with too much work and overworks himself;, therefore, he periodically arranges parties or events, making sure he has delicious and original dishes beautifully presented.

He is quick and inventive in everyday matters. He can easily become the center of attention, but going further than that and becoming the entertainer can be difficult for him. He is tasteful, although somewhat formally dressed. Creative LSE loves it when others listen to his advice. He is inclined to take care of those who need his help. It’s typical for him to be a member of several community organizations, and around such people, he takes the initiative from the ground up. He tries to create the necessary conditions for effective teamwork, keeping everyone in rhythm.

Sometimes burdened by routine, creative LSE tends to seek new experiences. He often has humanitarian hobbies. He may be into writing and can act in theatrical productions. In order to achieve his objectives, he may become emotionally pressing, or even get angry, but if he sees fear, he becomes polite and courteous.

He likes to have fun and has a sense of humor. He tries to please loved ones in the form of gifts and surprises. He’s emotionally vulnerable, but prefers to hide his grievances in silence, though if he is hurt, he may flare up and express all the negativity he has accumulated.

His confidence and impulse to start work is an example to others who maybe passive or disillusioned, stimulating them to take action. He uses his communicability in the interests of business, showing his courtesy, wit, and warmth. He is hospitable and maintains a relaxed atmosphere. He is able to actively develop subject in conversation. He is able to reach people, forming a local network of neighbors and friends with people who appreciate his ability to bring others together in solving current problems.

Normalizing Subtype

Administrator — Synchroniser

Prototypes: Airline pilots, dispatchers in complex systems

Normalizing LSE possesses strict, logical thinking. His judgments are based solely on personal experience and facts in the absence of political ideology or other principles. He knows how to soberly assess a situation, thinking over it quickly. After the decision and approval of a plan, he immediately proceeds to execution. He has a strong sense of duty and can be a responsible executive, taking initiative, implementing goals, and creating frameworks for a task.

He cannot tolerate uncertainty or ambiguity, and becomes burdened with long waits. He prepares for important events in advance. If he sinks into the details or gets distracted by other things, he cannot keep up his pace to finish a job by the deadline. This is quite painful for him, so he tries to plan more clearly. He loves order in everything and is well-versed in laws and regulations. He handles personal belongings carefully.

Normalizing LSE strives to be optimally informed. He develops a clear program of action, drawing it in great detail. He tracks the progress of all the points on a plan, marking them off with pleasure as each is executed. Excellent as a financier, he knows how to handle money carefully and rationally and won’t go into debt. He prefers practicality and well-made things.

A good rationalizer and constructor, he demonstrates his acumen best of all in the design and assembly of complex technical systems. Effective in the automation of processes, normalizing LSE works out the shortest paths for logistics, packaging, and shipment of goods. He gravitates towards precise sciences and technologies, as well as statistics and accounting.

Conservative in his tastes and habits, he is quite prudent. He makes plans, counting upon distant prospects and preferring to risk nothing. He makes mistakes in assessing people due to poorly accounting for subjective factors. He keeps his heart hidden from others, and often from himself, too, ignoring his own sentimental side. He is inclined to reminisce about the good old days. Although in control of his emotions, he may get into a fuss and unexpectedly break; he can be affected by this for a long time.

Typically adhering to traditional ways, he is attached to his home and is very sensitive to deception and betrayal if it emanates from loved ones. He seeks approval of his actions and personal qualities.

Harmonizing Subtype

Administrator — Revitalizing

Prototypes: Office managers, supervisors of service centers and medical institutions

A provider of reliable services, he is effective in service sectors, but not necessarily technological ones. He communicates well with customers, managing to respond to all requests. Harmonizing LSE likes everything done with his hands; he prefers sturdy and durable materials. An excellent homeowner, he maintains cleanliness and cares for and repairs household items. He turns to neighbors for advice in difficult matters as part of his nature.

He is quite considerate towards members of his family and is sensitive and responsive to the misfortunes of others. He makes an effort around others, behaving as though others are ever evaluating and observing him. He might give up his career for the sake of his children or in an uncertain economy. His soul empathizes with what he sees on screen or reads in a book. He is thrifty and never resorts to shopping for new clothes unnecessarily.

On the one hand, he is sober and realistic in assessments; on the other, he is capable of succumbing to persuasion and empty promises, and even being a victim of fraud. His trust and compassion can be taken advantage of. In business matters related to risk, he is wary of investments. When relying on the opinions of strangers, he does not always make justifiable decisions.

Harmonizing LSE likes nature and working outside. He has aesthetic inclinations and appreciates beauty in any manifestation. He is good at landscaping, decoration, and interior design. He never delivers poor work. His bad moods are expressed in pieces of art such as poems, drawings, photographs, etc.

He doesn’t take criticism well, even if it’s in a joking manner. He gets worried if unjustly accused. Being burdened by responsibility leaves him severely stressed. Another stress factor is being useless and not needed. He craves the attention of loved ones and strives for harmony in relationships with others. He experiences difficulty with disagreements on views and approaches to problem solving.

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