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Dominant Subtype

Craftsman — Stimulator

Prototypes: Craftsman, hunter, contracted leader

Dominant SLI possesses good business qualities. She expects to receive specific, tangible results and won’t undertake any useless work. Once carried away with an activity, she will develop greater efficiency in it. She encourages colleagues and partners by offering favorable deals rather than by administrative coercion. She gradually expands her skillset once she achieves mastery and acquires new clients. She is able to create the conditions for work and rest for her group. She distributes total earnings in accordance with the contribution of each member.

Dominant SLI prefers to prepare for affairs in advance, thinking through everything needed in order to operate smoothly and quickly.

She is very competent in managerial and commercial matters. She prefers versatility and is able to develop and adapt any tools and instruments. She copes well with prolonged physical activity requiring endurance and willingly does physical work. For her, it is important to have everything she needs at her fingertips.

Ready to come to aid at the first call, she sympathizes with others’ misfortunes, but not through emotion; rather, by solving problems with actions. However, she can always reject people who betray her trust and never talk to them again. She doesn’t cope well with being accused and loathes having to justify herself. Friendly relations between colleagues, co-workers, supervisors and subordinates are the basis of her success.

She is reluctant to come into contact with strangers and prefers to communicate with like-minded people who share her values. She will not compromise if she senses her position is more justified than others. She strives to be erudite in the areas of knowledge she encounters in life. In conversation, she justifies her argument with facts. It is very difficult to persuade her in disputes. She hates having to repeat the same information often.

Dominant SLI is characterized by imposing demands on her partners. She won’t tolerate any familiarity. If she does not understand, she’ll withdraw into herself, becoming inaccessible. She is quite jealous and mistrustful, but tries to hide this behind a mask of indifference. After falling out with someone, she’ll permanently shut down relations if her attempts at reconciliation do not end well.

This subtype cannot accept demands that exceed what was previously agreed upon. In such circumstances, she will be the first to break the relationship. She is responsive only to a welcoming and friendly attitude, and cannot stand hypocrisy or pettiness. She fulfills her obligations. She can always rely on friendship and work. She is compatible with diplomatic people who know how to ride out the rush of her emotions and listen to her opinion.

Creative Subtype

Craftsman — Tester

Prototypes: Testers of new technical devices, masterful users of work instruments or weapons

Creative SLI is inventive and resourceful in addressing technical or domestic issues that arise unexpectedly. She is attracted to new, previously unencountered tasks. She is inquisitive, but on theoretical subjects she is not inclined to sacrifice her time and money. At the same time, she would be happy to test and verify the quality of consumer goods or samples that she finds in her hand.

New interests and situational changes raise her vitality, helping her to overcome the apathy that occurs periodically. As a rule, she does not like to rush things, but when she feels that it is time to act, she can adapt herself and others to the situation.

Included in her work are financial incentives, as well as risky businesses that promise unusual experiences. Creative SLI overcomes difficulties thanks to her resourcefulness and wit, contributing to her self-affirmation. Her speciality is the execution of instructions, secretly and alone, free from observers. Stimulated by rapid and tangible rewards, she is fond of extreme and therefore technically viewed sports.

She respects capable and talented people. Having wide interests herself, she easily learns new skills. She takes risks for the excitement it brings and tests herself in rapidly changing situations, although she does not lose her mind or cross a dangerous line. She readily shares stories about her experiences with others. Creative SLI possesses a special sense of humor with a touch of self-irony.

Like no other subtype, she demands freedom in the choice of operations or actions. She knows how to seize the opportunities that save her time, changing the situation in her favor. She possesses good responses, but is dynamic and fast rather than forceful. She successfully takes part in defensive martial arts, although she does not seek to apply the skills to everyday life. Preventing fights is more important to her than getting involved in a brawl.

Normalizing Subtype

Craftsman — Thrifty

Prototypes: Skilled worker proficient in adjacent specialities, master of industrial training

When carrying out work that she enjoys, she is accurate and conscientious. She does everything without haste, yet quickly and properly. Despite her apparent inertia or slackness, normalizing SLI is persistent in achieving goals. She is good at repair work, as well as making revisions — the adaptations for specific operating conditions. She always removes deficiencies if they are detected, understanding that the recognition of her mistakes provides room for learning. She highly values her work and will not work for pennies.

Normalizing SLI loves to observe how machines and mechanisms work. She is good at using schemes, templates, and guidelines in specific issues that lend themselves to analysis. Economical and thrifty, her goal is to make sure everything in her affairs has minimum waste; however, she has trouble seeing business prospects for the future because she can often take rash actions or abandon initiatives.

Although by nature undemonstrative, she will still get offended if her work goes unnoticed or unappreciated. She is skeptical, and is not seduced by slogans or chants. She won’t tolerate vanity or being urged with enforced demands in an insulting manner.

Normalizing SLI is able to understand confusing issues and simply and effectively explain complicated things. Her actions are driven solely by common sense. She finds it essential to ask herself what the most rational options are. She values her circle of associates, is oriented to family, and is caring towards people close to her. She achieves high qualifications, but won’t seek to hold high positions.

She likes old and familiar things that can still be used. She looks after her health and outer appearance, selecting comfortable and functional clothing that does not pursue fashion and originality. She plans not only work, but also rest. If something does not work as it should, then rest will not bring pleasure.

Harmonizing Subtype

Craftsman — Crafty

Prototype: Independent artisan

Harmonizing SLI is mild and unobtrusive in conversation. Restrained in her display of emotions, she does not tolerate rudeness and is disgusted by bad taste and vulgarity. She is gentle towards others’ feelings, so shortcomings are only spoken of at an appropriate time and in an inoffensive form. She finds it difficult to distance herself from boring conversations. If people violate her inner comfort or limit her independence, she may flare up in anger, though subsequently regrets this tremendously.

Being quite unsure of herself, she is inclined to doubt her abilities and capabilities, though outwardly this is hard to notice. However, insecurity disappears when she is involved in projects. She is sensitive about having her abilities judged and waits for praise from customers, requiring the expert evaluation of her mastery.

Harmonizing SLI is vulnerable to boredom. Monotony and routine can drive her into a depressive state. She needs to experience joy through various exciting and dynamic events. In order to disperse melancholy, she travels or sometimes takes nature walks. She rapidly assimilates new information, selecting what she needs, although gradually finds herself once again plunged into a melancholy state.

A connoisseur of sensations and aesthetics, she seeks pleasure in all its varieties. She needs convenience, complete rest, and quality products. She appreciates uniqueness and originality and dislikes conventional clothing. In her private place, everything is convenient, yet she does not like to encroach on the interests of others.

Physically quite sensitive, she can’t handle heat, stuffiness, the sight of blood, or suffering. She is badly affected by violence. Unlikely to work as a surgeon or sit on an assembly line, she is suitable for work driven by customer orders, individually preparing everything necessary for her workplace.

Harmonizing SLI suffers from mood swings, and this physically affects her working capacity. She dislikes efforts beyond her means and longs for a comfortable life free from intrusions. She is able to distance herself from conflict, showing prudence and diplomacy. She is quite appreciative of mutual compassion and friendliness between people.

This subtype is attracted to friendly, open, but unobtrusive people. She needs them since they help her to experience the joys of life and to overcome her natural laziness and apathy. She dislikes being the center of attention and won’t show her feelings in front of strangers. She is reluctant to talk about her personal life, preferring to be understood without words.

She applies the minimum effort to achieve maximum results. You will never see her overexert herself, as she is the most energy-efficient type. Preferring to work alone, she gets results and works till things are complete and in a polished form. Her motivation is impossible to decode by words, gestures or acts, rather only through end results of labor.

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