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Dominant Subtype

Critic — Optimizer

Prototype: A banker, a financier inventing complex business schemes

In the activity he is engaged in, he is quite energetic, although he becomes very tired of large doses of communication. He has high organizational abilities, often with an authoritarian inclination. He encourages people to be active, but warns against useless, from his point of view, decisions. A supporter of decisive action during the transformation.

He is demanding in spheres which he considers strategically important. Able to force himself to do unpleasant and uninteresting, but necessary work for some time. Afraid of becoming dependent on someone due to his democratic nature, so tries to keep the role of a self-sufficient person.

He can be very stubborn and quick-tempered if sees that his advise not taken into account his interests are infringed. His sudden rebuff has a sobering effect on the offender.

Such ILI is not afraid of conflicts, boldly goes to aggravation. A violent force clash whips up his thought, allows him to see the situation more clearly and to get rid of unnecessary details. Although such situations exhaust him, at the same time they allow him to dump the load of accumulated problems in one fell swoop.

Strives for useful, rational actions. He sets realistic goals, knows how to calculate the best ways to achieve them, taking into account all the details of the case.

Economical, ergonomic and practical. Finds a way to organize the process with minimal cost. Gathers expert advice before making a lasting decision. It is difficult to convince him in a dispute since he proves his rightness by facts and similar cases that occurred in such situations.

He uses everything that is available on his territory. Expresses the abilities of the utilizer and the processor. He is drawn to the variety of experiences that he finds in various fields of activity and fields of knowledge. He despises amateurism but carefully listen to the opinion of competent people. With latter type of people seeks to maintain friendly relations.

He does not like extremes, therefore, with his irony, he tries to cool the excessive ardor of enthusiasts. Because of the negativism and cynicism that accumulate in him as a result of individual experience and disappointment in people, he is inclined to dramatize his experiences.

The inner balance is hard to obtain for this ILI. His mood is contrasting: he can be sometimes too picky and grouchy in work, then kind and compliant in a friendly conversation.

Creative Subtype

Critic — Ironic

Prototypes: TV show and entertainment program presenters or producers; satirists

The creative subtype is quite sociable and won’t refuse to have fun in good company. She feels insecure if her appearance or manner does not match the tastes of the society she is part of. ILI looks for intellectual novelties and is proud of her acquaintance with famous people. She loves to share her knowledge and to assess the prospects of development in new areas of knowledge.

Independent and obstinate, she resists volitional force. She seeks support and approval of her ideas and initiatives. Suitable partners are only those who see her inherent cynicism and share in her assessments of people or projects. She cannot resist making offensive comments, so it is difficult to have smooth relationships not only with foes, but with close friends, too. At the same time, she shows generosity, assisting people close to her in difficult situations.

When in a good mood, she is a clever companion. Attentive and democratic, she is inclined to trust people and is willing to give advice or recommendations if asked to do so. She appreciates talent and respects people who have intellectual achievements in her field of work instead of people who easily rose to fame or borrowed ideas. When in a bad mood, it’s best not to disturb her, as she is very irritable and volatile.

In the interest of her affairs, she won’t spare anyone’s feelings. She is skilled with irony and cynical humor. She is usually loyal and tolerant, forgiving of weaknesses and passions. She respects authorities and values the past, without which, in her opinion, the future cannot be understood. She loves to emphasize her dissenting opinion on resonant issues.

Creative ILI lends her skills and expertise to creative fields. She possesses a special sensitivity for music and happens to be endowed in the humanitarian sphere; for example, in languages, journalism, film (sound engineering, in particular), etc. She knows how to find a niche in the creative intelligentsia. She often has clear political or ideological positions.

Normalizing Subtype

Critic — Aggregator

Prototype: Quiet person, inclined to thoroughly assess information

The normalizing subtype is diligent and executive. She is very slow, but pedantic in her work. She dislikes surprises and impatient people who rush ahead; she never hurries developments herself. She loves old, reliable, and familiar things that are proven to be time-tested and true. This ILI strives to be competent in affairs and knowledgeable in all aspects. She is interested in laws and regulations and accumulates necessary and interesting information. She is good at maintaining documentation and records. Appreciating high-quality work and qualifications, she respects authorities in her field. She is inclined to intellectually assimilate information.

She notices all the contradictions and imperfections in the world around and often advises others to exercise caution and restraint in order to avoid surprises and troubles. Despite her observation and insight, owing to scepticism, it is difficult for her to assess the possibility of new beginnings and people’s abilities. Her speech can be monotonous, slow, and soporific, and she feels awkward in public.

ILI takes everything into account in advance, disliking impromptu actions and unforeseen risk. She is cautious and indecisive in new endeavors. Subject to doubts and fluctuations in her decision-making, she won’t promise anything unless she is completely sure that she will be able to deliver. A creature of habit, she likes stability above all.

The normalizing ILI finds it difficult to be pressured or persuaded by someone with a strong will. She prefers to make agreements on mutually beneficial terms, wanting others to comply with her demands. She carefully studies contracts and agreements. Conservative in her habits, she is an opponent of radical actions and harsh statements.

Polite in communication, she dislikes familiarity, vulgar displays of emotion, and heated arguments full of shouting. She is amicable by nature and expects people around her to be calm and prudent. She isolates herself when in a bad mood so as not to do or say anything she might regret later.

Due to her relatively inert nature, she may underestimate the role of a healthy lifestyle. This may lead to poor health and stress. Some, on the other hand, may attach great importance to the prevention of disease and hygiene.

Harmonizing Subtype

Critic — Prescient

Prototypes: Scholars, participants in intellectual games, scientists with encyclopedic knowledge, programmers and consultants

The harmonizing subtype is gifted with a good memory and thorough imagination. She perceives the world philosophically and reads a lot and thinks. To address problems, she collects all the available information. The process and method of her thinking interests her more than the product of thought. An excellent, although slow narrator, she can recall material in detail and vividly recount the ambient. Having strong visual intuition, she is capable of foreseeing the outcome of affairs or an individual’s behavior in the future by extrapolating the behavioral patterns from the past. She is configured to the knowledge of the objective world and the study of its underlying causes.

Her feelings are restrained in their manifestation. She doesn’t like to give compliments, believing it’s much fairer to start with disadvantages. Strong emotions drain her nervous system, and she is deprived of romantic illusions. She greatly understands the opposite sides that contribute to a relationship’s development. Passive in personal relationships, she is outwardly relaxed, but internally focused. When asked, she offers advice on what must be done to achieve ambitious goals.

She gravitates towards a persistently smooth, contemplative life. A fatalist at heart, she feels vulnerable to the winds of fate. She doesn’t handle discomfort well, whether external or internal. On a journey, every little detail comes to mind and she takes everything necessary with her, from electronic devices to soft slippers.

At home, her clothing is usually modest, yet comfortable and cozy. Quite compact, she strives to dress neatly and conveniently but avoids bright colors and accessories. She is punctual, and therefore doesn’t need to watch the clock.

She tries to look after her health, but is unlikely to systematically train to maintain physical fitness, as she is quite doubtful on these issues. She prefers to devote a lot of attention to prevention of health issues, rather than to dealing with the consequences of bad choices.

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