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Dominant Subtype

Entrepreneur — Advancer

Prototypes: Pioneers, modern western businessmen not reliant on controlled or subjugated-markets, robber-baron capitalists who introduce advanced technologies

This subtype is very adventurous and active in his sphere, although he only seriously engages in activities which bring him real benefits. Pragmatic and calculative, he has little interest in fantasy and concepts if there is no demand. He makes decisions quickly and immediately proceeds to implementation. He takes on difficult and risky affairs without expecting an immediate return. LIE assigns tasks, dividing them into stages to achieve at least some results on each of them.

LIE constantly expands the circle of his business interests. Having mastered one niche, he immediately moves on to the next. He never sits idly by, and he successfully competes with others. In addition to his energetic nature, he also possesses a strong internal motivation, believing in himself and the success of his goals. He always finds ways to make breakthroughs and overtake rivals. His resources are never depleted, as he has no propensity to consume luxurious or status-driven items.

He does not like long explanations and prefers to pick up new information on the fly. He clearly sees the path between the ultimate goal and present situation and is able to calculate how much and what kind of resources are needed for each intermediate stage. At every step in the process, LIE prefers not to be interfered with, but demands planning, diligence and verification of intermediate results. He hates distractions during his affairs; this hinders his focus which is not easily achieved.

Possessing leadership qualities, he encourages others to work by using himself as an example while making agreements on mutually beneficial terms. He negotiates contracts seriously and hates tricks and gimmicks. He only respects those who follow their words with deeds. He has a simple composure, but without familiarity. He will cut off relations with idlers and malingerers remorselessly. Although he encourages competition, it often spoils his relationships with people.

LIE is poorly versed in understanding the feelings of his partner. Due to this, he is mistrustful and fearful of making mistakes that put him in an awkward position. Awkward in confessions, he tries to deliver them in a humorous manner. He prefers to prove his feelings not by words, but with deeds. He is committed to strong, stable relationships. More than other types, he needs a solid backing: a strong family support, as well as a home for them where he can replenish his strength from stressful work and competition outside the home. He is attracted to relationships with serious, reserved, and dedicated people that can offer reliable support through life’s troubles.

LIE is not afraid of difficulties. He finds it interesting to test himself in extreme conditions, overcoming all obstacles to come out of the struggle victorious. He goes through numerous kinds of activities and professions. He demonstrates endurance, perseverance, and, at the same time, optimism. For him, it’s better to take the challenge and lose than to sit around doing nothing.

He boldly defends his views in a dispute, although he does not like to disclose his plans ahead of time. In fundamental issues, he exhibits a toughness and intransigence; in this, he behaves impatiently and harshly. Unafraid of going back and doing everything differently, he tries to approach matters from a different angle or with higher quality.

Creative Subtype

Entrepreneur — Renewer

Prototype: Experimenter in science and in life; active, peppy, and restless

This is a subtype that chooses alternative activities with positive thinking, developing creative initiatives. He introduces new ideas into practice and grabs immediate opportunities, often taking far- reaching (though not always well-laid out) plans. Having a lively and flexible mind, he is very inquisitive and boldly experiments.

Creative LIE quickly gets involved with work, igniting energy and optimism in others. Always excited about some activity, he never becomes bored or pauses to reflect. He is able to quickly find applications for his abilities in all sorts of activities, bringing real ingenuity and breaking norms. He is quite productive in writing. His work is inclined to be constantly updated and improved in various new ways.

It can be difficult for him to coherently and convincingly present his main thoughts. His thinking is quite chaotic; nevertheless, he can sift through options and find the right decision. He starts a conversation with a serious look, and then ends it with laughter. Sometimes he behaves like a child. From the outside, it may seem as though he goes through life without much difficulty.

A romantic at heart, he loves to travel and go on adventures, but not aimlessly; rather, he prefers to have a useful purpose. He is bold and confident and not afraid to take risks, taking control of his own destiny, therefore his personal life is diverse and changeable. His antics should be treated patiently and graciously.

Creative LIE is not fussy in everyday life. He doesn’t seek strict order and pays little attention to his appearance. Although grateful for care and concern, he wants to be loved for his inner qualities, not his looks. Always complex, he needs a reliable partner who is sure of his feelings and who has a good sense of humor.

He is naturally endowed with strong health. He arrives on time everywhere he goes. He loves life in all its manifestations and is an optimist who sincerely believes in luck. His great love for life aids his amazing good luck, also prolonging his life.

Normalizing Subtype

Entrepreneur — Designer

Prototypes: Researcher enthusiastically working on technical projects implementing new schemes, specialist in project-based learning

The normalizing LIE comprehensively studies new systems, trying to find the main principles and their method of implementation. He prefers to test ideas in practice and have certainty that there is no mistake in the decisions. Convinced of the idea’s prospects, he moves to implement it with consistency and persistence. For all questions he has his own dissenting opinion, demonstrating competence in knowledge of laws and regulations.

He keeps track of the state of affairs in his fields of interest and willingly shares his impressions of the information obtained with others. Although orientated towards being serious, normalizing LIE tries to create a relaxed atmosphere in a conversation by being democratic in character and humor. A good teacher, he presents material vividly with practical examples.

He loves to explain his rather complicated systems and tries to circulate them as models for a wide range of phenomena; although he tends to oversimplify developments, losing sight of important details that his flat models negate. Nevertheless, this does not bother him, and he will follow such a system for a long time.

Normalizing LIE will not believe assumptions that are not backed by thorough evidence. He strives for precision and clarity in matters of principle and gathers necessary information in advance. He possesses a technical mind that looks at everything as a mechanism to control, and builds a model system.

Preferring to plan his activities in advance, he strives for order, logic, and common sense in everything. He is compliant in everyday life and does not possess any romantic idealization in relationships. He is a proponent of functional separation of responsibilities between spouses. He regularly devotes time to work, although family is no less valuable. In conversations, he always talks about his experiences or current projects. Static in his personal preferences, he finds a common language with children and teenagers and can engage with children in useful activities. Concerning issues in the psychology of relationships, he tries to understand others based on their personal experiences, as well as by factoring things read in literature on the topic. He works well with rigid and principled people, directly discussing all pressing issues and grievances.

Normalizing LIE pays a lot of attention to health matters. He often finds himself engaged in a variety of healthy activities, as well as dynamic sports such as running, biking, skiing, etc. Besides exercise, the philosophical side of health is also very important for him.

He appreciates aesthetic taste in others; he is confident in his physical form and tries to look neat and aesthetically pleasing. He is practical and economic, but may not devote a lot of time to everyday chores around the house. For him, the first priority is his business affairs or profession.

Harmonizing Subtype

Entrepreneur — Adventurer

Prototype: Lone traveler, journeying vast distances

Harmonizing LIE is restless and fickle, but at the same time kind by nature. He is fond of children and animals. He has an appeasable and evasive character; it’s hard to quarrel with him. He willingly connects with people, offering his services, though his credulity is sometimes abused. If he has to nudge or persuade people, he will look for the most inoffensive approach.

Internally, he is a sensitive person. Behind his mask of joy or sadness lurks recklessness. Somewhat scattered, he is inclined to be distracted by minor things, and so may postpone most of his work until later; after a while, in a different mood, he will return to what he was doing. He is impatient by nature and wants to see results quickly; therefore, he neglects the little things. Though he fluctuates when choosing a solution, it is very difficult to dissuade him from his plans. For this reason, his behavior is difficult to predict. To others, he may seem a bit eccentric.

Harmonizing LIE is restless. Often in a hurry, he urges others to hurry, too. He possesses adventurous inclinations and is able to quickly pack up and go on trips. He is willing to travel over long distances, relying on little along the way. He copes well with difficult environmental conditions, adapting to any climate. He talks about his experiences with interest, sharing what he has seen on his adventures, which surprises even incredulous listeners. He deplores inert people living without imagination and the flight of the soul for the sake of comfort and pleasure.

In conversation, he seems cheerful and ingenious. Offering his trust, he willingly gives advice and expresses his opinion. He is a type of narrator who tells stories with a serious air, even when the stories are fictional. He has his own philosophy and worldview: central to it is the harmonious unity between man and nature. For him, it is sometimes indulgent.

He seeks new experiences and variety and changes hobbies often, though over time he may turn back to one of them again. He tries to encourage people by raising their spirits with jokes to distract them from worrying. As a fighter for ecology and human life, he has a negative attitude toward violence and cruelty. When his hopes fail, he is crushed, hut with his characteristic optimism, he is never averse to starting all over again without looking back.

He is interested in unexplored and unsolved phenomena. Relying on a well-developed imagination, he tries to grasp the essence of various things. For everything, there is a simple explanation. He always tries to verify his findings by practice, sometimes exposing himself and others to unnecessary risk.

Harmonizing LIE finds it difficult to work on a static team, but can adapt even to a conservative system if he is not constrained and also given the opportunity to travel on business trips. He needs a loved one who can stop him from simplified judgments and reckless action.

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