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Dominant Subtype

Politician — Representative

Prototypes: Film and show-business producers, liberal politicians

This subtype possesses leadership characteristics. He exhibits good organization and also fulfills his word. He is better at managing large teams, as opposed to smaller ones. He is energetic and impulsive, but able to restrain himself around others. He looks presentable and respectable. SEE cultivates the image of a guardian fighting for the rights of a group of people. He cleverly lobbies the interests of his group.

He constantly expands his circle of acquaintances and areas of activity. For him, it is important to be influential, having authority in the various circles he is in contact with. He knows how to mobilize people for new business, although not in convergence. He’s unafraid of initial difficulties and has a tendency to rapidly move profitable ideas into practice.

Tactically flexible, he improvises in accordance with the course of events. He rapidly adapts to extreme situations and looks for methods to stabilize situations, at least temporarily. SEE is definitely committed to never taking sides publicly and is good at negotiating, bringing opposing parties to a compromise.

He acts confidently and decisively, but only if surrounded by support. He seeks a lot of formal council, making decisions independently after assessing the relation of forces among stakeholders. In the interest of business, he may become very demanding and, at times, even rigid. He is good at selecting assistants for himself.

SEE always knows what he wants. He needs big goals and new, challenging tasks. Without a constant influx of new ideas, his spirit sours. At the same time, he lacks strategy and long-term calculation. He prefers to solve emerging problems immediately; otherwise, he may become distracted and lose interest.

He is able to seek, and more importantly, unravel talents. Fortunately, this is popular among creative people seeking to be discovered. Thanks to him, society has enhanced social mobility; however, the implementation of excessive and badly-prepared liberalization often leads to unhealthy competition and breakdown.

He strives to be involved in the course of various events and loves to move from place to place, leaving each visit having made useful connections. At heart, he needs admiration and recognition, so when it is given, he doesn’t spare any energy. This stimulates him for even greater activity: for him, it is very important to have his prestige recognized and acknowledged.

SEE is indifferent to theory and engages purely in practical activities. He prefers specific attainable goals that will bring real benefit. He tries to improve his expertise in various fields in order to raise his prestige and strengthen his position. He finds it important to have a variety of titles and awards.

He makes decisions based on personal experience, although if the issue isn’t familiar to him, his choices fluctuate. He prefers to hide his inner thoughts and fears from others. In such situations, he seeks the advice of experts. He appreciates those who supply him with systematic information and warning of errors.

Creative Subtype

Politician — Mercurial

Prototypes: Event planner, comedy artist

This subtype is distinguished by uninhibited and demonstrative behavior. Amongst company his wit becomes apparent. He prefers democratic humor without sarcasm or mean and inappropriate jokes. He is good at conducting toasts and amusing guests during feasts, and he enjoys telling anecdotes and jokes that please everyone.

SEE is sociable and knows how to secure valuable contacts, although he lacks the time to consistently support them. He prefers to negotiate depending on the situation and on mutually beneficial terms. He confidently finds applications for others’ skills and abilities and waits for others’ reactions and evaluations. He praises his intelligence, insights and other advantages or abilities alongside his pragmatic motivation, which stimulate him in pursuing his host of activities.

He loves freedom and cannot tolerate being regulated with precise instructions detailing when, how, and what he can and can’t do. He resists any restrictions placed on him, often in a manner that is harsh and rude. At the same time, he is capable of neutralizing a serious looming conflict by changing the subject or refuting the offensive words by turning them into a joke.

SEE rarely pays attention to general laws and independent tendencies, often based on the fact that all actions are subject to his subjective desires and gains. Complex logical explanations do not suit him. He sticks to simple diagrams and explanations. He prefers compromise and arrangements instead of harsh confrontation. He looks for the right way to approach a person.

He can be emotional and impetuous, boldly expressing his feelings and concerns. He is able to proffer compliments. His behavior is unpredictable due to sudden changes in his goals and desires. His mood affects those around him: if it is good, he can affect everyone with his optimism, and if bad, spoil the fun. At times, he can be excessively dramatic.

He is sensitive to criticism and becomes nervous when attention is drawn to his mistakes. He is offended when people do not take his advice on remedial provisions; he may even protest. However, over time, he begins to listen to legitimate concerns and changes his stance. He respects smart people when they warn him about a hasty decision in advance, cautioning about potential adverse effects.

As practical psychologists, this subtype is also good at reading people’s intentions by focusing on their appearance, facial expressions and gestures. He can cleverly make advertisements, persuading people to make particular choices. He stimulates, encourages, and persuades others. He revolves among his friends and relatives, and has the necessity to be social; however, in his narrow circle of people, he often criticizes rather than gives praise, though he does so gently in a half-joking manner.

SEE is inclined to start a lot of things at once, but never manages to finish everything due to a lack of time, loss of interest, or falling into a bad mood. He has a poorly-developed sense of proportion, often wanting to do more than is objectively possible. He performs well in advertising fields, intuitively understanding what is interesting and how to hype something up to make it seem better than it is. Focusing on minor things, he may miss what is most important and necessary.

Routine and monotony tire him quickly; therefore, he is inclined to relax and seek new interests. A characteristic curiosity leads him to new information and even self-improvement. Switching between various activities and people is vital to him.

Normalizing Subtype

Politician — Supplier

Prototypes: Caterer, concierge, or manager with an established network of personal connections; shuttle trader (who provides product from one country to another)

He is distinguished by an accommodative character. SEE knows when it’s best to remain silent and when it is better to give up. He is good at maintaining relationships. He listens and calms people when they are agitated. Although he can be coarse, it is in retaliation against the insolent and for the sake of his interests. Overall he tries to be sensitive to others, sympathizing with those in need. He attempts to soothe and cheer others during difficult moments.

He nurtures confidence, knowing how to create an atmosphere that puts people at ease. His democratic demeanor, informal ease, and simple emotionality help him win others’ sympathy. While that gives the impression of openness and sincerity, his openness has a limit, which he never admits. He really only trusts a few people.

He is aware of the circle of rules and obligations that must be respected and won’t exert his will beyond this. He likes to share experiences on specific issues. He values his independence and practicality. In everything, he strives to be self-sufficient and not to be dependent. He has a penchant for organic farming and mutually beneficial exchanges.

He appreciates coziness and comfort and is concerned with the welfare of loved ones. He never disturbs others’ peace, especially when resting. He can be a good cook and uses delicious food to cope with stress, so often he has a full figure. He creates a safe home, where his friends and loved ones can relax after work. Family ties are important to him.

In the interest of business, he is able to compromise. In disputes, he tries not to finalize outcomes and is able to hold back with time or soften the requirements. He aspires to understand general patterns and trends of the issues being dealt with. He tries to understand situations in detail; however, he still lacks insight and sometimes finds himself in a network of dealers and swindlers.

In affairs, he is quite practical and dependable. At home he is tidy, taking care of the shopping errands and managing the budget. He expects good manners from his loved ones, as well as cleanliness, order and responsible spending. SEE is economical in small things, but not sufficiently prudent in major purchases.

It happens that he can be quite the avid football fan, sitting by the television with a beer. Among women of this type are fans of soap operas and dramatic series that focus on relationships; they especially adore common people that find themselves in a wealthy society.

Harmonizing Subtype

Politician — Nudger

Prototype: Highly sociable habitual cafe-goer who enjoys discussing local life

This subtype is relaxed and unhurried in motion. From a distance, he seems quite patient and calm, but this is misleading. Inner balance comes to him with difficulty: tranquility is halted by heightened impressionability, as well as contradictory feelings and desires, which he does not even understand. He often places higher expectations on new acquaintances than they can manage. Acutely sensitive to emotional discomfort, he is experienced in handling matters where there is a discrepancy between desirable and actual results.

He avoids strain by tackling his distant goals. Not inclined to sports, he prefers passive recreation such as gatherings with friends, cigarette breaks on the porch, lying on the beach, etc. He does a lot for his company. Reclusive lifestyles are boring to him, which lends to difficulty. He becomes active only when he feels it’s safe to do so without much hassle. Unabashedly, he turns to neighbors to borrow small amounts of money.

He is attracted by everything that is officially prohibited and he is capable of making concessions to a person, gaining confidence and offering a quick deal. After receiving a deposit, his promises may eventually be forgotten. He exploits such human instincts as greed and the desire to get something just like someone else’s without much effort.

He prefers to act quietly and will quickly remove unsuccessful contacts or unanswered proposals; he has the ability to make it seem as though he had nothing to do with it. He is good with complaint techniques and shows his innocence to the offended side in the event of conflict. He knows that this easily arouses public pity and sympathy. He can’t withstand direct confrontation for a prolonged period of time; it is easier for him to hide and wait out the conflict.

He apologizes for his inconsistency and impulsiveness periodically, but the sense of guilt quickly dissipates. He is inclined to write off all of the circumstances. He gives little thought to the future and its implications for his life; he lives for the present day, though may make mutually optimistic plans for the future. He likes gambling and other activities that allow him to relax and enjoy a pleasant occasion. He successfully leads small or medium trade when in a reliable environment.

His thinking is very concrete and speculative, but not selective and critical. Once relaxed, he is able to discuss everything, especially social life and political events. Sometimes he is superstitious and does not try to get to the natural causes of failures. He has an inherent elevated gullibility and easily falls under the hypnosis of eloquent speakers, political persuasion or leaders, promising unprecedented discounts or a quick income.

By nature he is gentle and compliant; at the same time, he is restless because of individualism. It’s not easy for him to maintain stable relationships with people because of his rather capricious and fickle nature. He prefers to live separately, to be free from all sorts of obligations, but at the same time have someone like a pleasant neighbor he can ask for help when necessary.

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