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The Choleric-Melancholic combination is driven by two needs. Their primary need is to get results. The secondary need is to do things right. Either need may dominate their behavior depending on the requirements of the situation. When the Choleric and the Melancholic tendencies are combined, it produces a result-oriented, detailed person, who plans and pushes their way through life.

The Choleric-Melancholic is more detail oriented and sensitive than the other Choleric combinations. This combination naturally likes developing a strategy to accomplish a goal.

The Choleric-Melancholic is a result-oriented, detailed person who is not interested in social involvement. They are driven by a strong will to achieve their detailed plan. They can be direct, blunt, and forceful, yet at times show great sensitivity toward others. They can be both domineering and compassionate (they can be a Lion or a Lamb). They are easily annoyed, quickly aroused, but easily calmed.

They like to initiate change. The Choleric-Melancholic likes to solve problems and make decisions and are actually quite capable of doing so. They can usually see a creative solution quickly with a only small amount of information. When committed to accomplishing a goal they are insightful and creative.

They function best when they collect facts and have alone time to think and develop a plan of action. In the process of developing their plan they will ask direct and detailed questions. They prefer work to involvement with people. The Choleric-Melancholic is a frequently occurring combination.

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