Choleric (Dominant)

Choleric (Dominant)
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Choleric (Dominant)

Cholerics are naturally result-oriented. They have active, positive, and forward movement, in an antagonistic environment. They influence their environment by overcoming opposition to get results.

Cholerics are extroverted, quick-thinking, active, practical, strong-willed, and easily annoyed. They are self-confident, self-sufficient, and very independent-minded. They are brief, direct, to the point, and firm when communicating with others. Cholerics like pressure and are easily bored when things are not happening fast enough. They are bold and like to take risks.

Cholerics are domineering, decisive, opinionated, and they find it easy to make decisions for themselves as well as for others. They wake up wanting to control, change or overcome something…anything! They leave little room for negotiating—it’s usually their way or no way.

Cholerics are visionaries and seem to never run out of ideas, plans, and goals, which are all usually practical. They do not require as much sleep as the other temperaments, so their activity seems endless. Their activity, however, always has a purpose because of their goal-oriented nature.

Cholerics usually do not give in to the pressure of what others think unless they see that they cannot get their desired results. They can be crusaders against social injustice, and they love to fight for a cause. They are slow to build relationships and have only a few close friends because results are more important than people. Cholerics do not easily empathize with the feelings of others or show compassion. They think big and seek positions of authority.

Cholerics tend to not be angry, although their assertive push to get results may be interpreted as anger. They are quickly aroused but quickly calmed.

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